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Your Generous Donation Qualifies You for Great Thank-You Gifts

Out of print! Collector’s item!

GREAT GIFTS FOR YOU: For your gift of $115 or more (or pledge of $10 or more per month), you get a copy of either Liberty Defined or End the Fed by Ron Paul AND 100 Deluxe World’s Smallest Political Quiz cards! 


While supplies last: the extraordinary book acclaimed by a generation of libertarians!

ALP-(1)On June 19, 2013, Alan Burris passed away. He was 83. Burris was author of one of the most acclaimed books of the modern libertarian movement: A Liberty Primer.

We have purchased from his estate the last remaining stock of these books. Our supply is very small. This is your chance to get a copy of this esteemed book.

A Liberty Primer is a wonderful addition to any serious libertarian’s library. It starts from the basics – a definition of libertarianism and what that definition implies – and then, in 558 pages and 26 meaty chapters, Burris methodically makes the case for liberty.

Subjects include: the history of liberty; economics; regulation; money and banking; monopoly; victimless crimes; government schools; the legitimacy of government; law and justice in a free society; foreign policy; the political spectrum; strategies for achieving liberty; and much, much more. It’s a great reference and study guide.

There is a wealth of information here. Yet each chapter is broken up into bite-size nuggets that make reading fast and easy. The clear, simple, jargon-free language is a pleasure to read. The book overflows with facts, history, theory and real-world examples.

And the quotations! A Liberty Primer is loaded with hundreds of great quotes about liberty, from centuries ago to modern times. Indeed, it’s worth getting for the quotes alone – it’s a libertarian Bartlett’s!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this acclaimed classic.


When A Liberty Primer appeared it was lavishly praised by leading libertarian figures and organizations. Here is a small sampling:

milton-friedman 2” … a remarkable book … fascinating and thorough survey of the libertarian philosophy enlivened by a wide range of highly relevant quotations from writers from all over the world and from many centuries.”Milton Friedman. 

“I heartily endorse A Liberty Primer. I think it is an excellent tool to deepen the understanding of those who want to learn more about liberty.”Ed Clark, 1980 Libertarian Party presidential candidate.

“…a smorgasbord for the intelligent mind.” – Roger MacBride, 1976 Libertarian Party presidential candidate.

” …fun to read, enlightening, and principled; an excellent, humane introduction to libertarianism.”Peter R. Breggin, M.D., author of The Psychology of Freedom.

“An excellent introduction to Libertarianism. It is deep without being boring; radical without being alienating…Prof. Jennifer Roback.

“When someone asks, ‘What is libertarianism, anyway?’ all you have to do is give him A Liberty Primer.”Dean Ahmad.

“…the best and most comprehensive introduction to libertarianism presently available. In clear, simple language, it covers all aspects of libertarianism from libertarian concepts of rights, to economic theory, to strategies for obtaining liberty.”Jarret B. Wollstein, co-founder, International Society for Individual Liberty.

“A compendium of the finest quotations expressing libertarian ideas …an eloquent restatement of the basic principles of libertarianism… and it can also be very fun to read.”Nomos magazine.

” …deserves to take a place alongside Friedman, Rothbard, and Nock.”Idaho Liberty.

“A great addition to libertarian literature and ranks with Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer and For a New Liberty by Murray Rothbard.”Colorado Liberty.

lp“I no longer give a talk (or even write a letter to the editor) without going to this book for ammunition…” – Steve Smith, The Liberator.

“Comprehensive… clear, readable and entertaining… infectious passion for liberty which shines through the writing, from the first page to the last.”Libertarian Party News.


FOR YOUR DONATION OF $60 or more… Pick the Ron Paul book of your choice! PLUS you get the Quiz cards below as well! 

National bestsellers! Great reading – and great gifts for friends and family! 


Liberty Defined: 50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom by Ron Paul. Hardcover, 352 pages. 

A comprehensive guide to Ron Paul’s position on fifty of the most important issues of our times, covering civil liberties, foreign policy and economic liberty. ETFAccessible, easy to digest, and fearless in its discussion of controversial topics, from the man who ignited the rEVOLution that is transforming America!


End The Fed by Ron Paul. Hardcover, 224 pages. 

The essential guide to why the Fed must be stopped – and how to do it. Pass it on!

“Read this book and work to end the central economic and political evil in America, the central bank that fuels recessions and depressions, the warfare state, the redistributionist state, and the police state. End the Fed!”Lew Rockwell. 

“Everyone must read this book – Congressmen and college students, Democrats and Republicans – all Americans.”Vince Vaughn.


For your gift of $30 or more you’ll receive this world-famous outreach tool to share with friends, family, co-workers and others:

100 Deluxe World’s Smallest Political Quiz cards!

The Quiz is the most popular outreach tool in the libertarian movement – an irresistible and fun outreach kit on a card. It is designed to quickly open eyes and change minds.

Keep a supply of this classic tool on hand. Carry them in your briefcase, purse or wallet. Put them in letters and greeting cards. Pass them out to friends and strangers alike – and watch their eyes light up!

If you want to quickly reach people with libertarian ideas, put the magic of the Quiz to work for you!

ron_paul 2“The World’s Smallest Political Quiz is one of the freedom movement’s most recognized and effective outreach tools. …

”The World’s Smallest Political Quiz is responsible for many Americans’ first contact with libertarian ideas. While traveling around the country, I have often heard people say, ‘I never knew I was a libertarian until I took the Quiz!’”Ron Paul


“The Quiz has gained respect as a valid measure of a person’s political leanings.”The Washington Post