VIDEO: "Obama's Taylor Swift Strategy: Shake It Off (Remy Remix) - The Advocates for Self-Government

VIDEO: “Obama’s Taylor Swift Strategy: Shake It Off (Remy Remix)”

(From the Intellectual Ammunition section in Volume 19, No. 18 of the Liberator Online. Subscribe here!)

A new video by the liberty-minded comedian Remy is always a cause for celebration.

In this one Remy rewrites the Taylor Swift hit “Shake It Off,” turning it into a kind of Obama administration manifesto. So true that’s it’s downright scary. Also, of course, hilarious, with amazing performances by Remy.

Scroll down to see the lyrics — with links on the issues Remy raises in his parody rewrite — here.

From Reason TV. Approximately 2:15 minutes. Share it with friends!

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