Are We Really the Land of the Free?

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If America was a corporation, its company slogan would most likely be “land of the free and home of the brave.” It seems every time a politician gets on stage he or she can’t help but mention how America is prosperous because it embodies this slogan. There’s constant talk about freedom, yet everywhere I look, I see a society that has to pay government permit fees in order to do…almost anything. Here are some common examples:


– In most states, it’s illegal to own a house unless you pay the government property tax every year

– It’s illegal to own a car unless you pay the government vehicle licensing fee every year

– It’s illegal to drive a car unless you take a government test and pay for a government license permit

– It’s illegal to have a passenger drinking alcohol in your car while you drive unless you pay yearly permit fees in order to have a government permitted transportation company (like a limo or executive transportation company)

– It’s illegal to educate yourself and become a lawyer unless you pay a fee and pass a government certified test

– It’s illegal to start a company and try to better your life unless you inform the city, county, and state in which you live of your business intentions and pay their yearly permit fees

– It’s illegal in California to cut hair for a living unless you pay for government permission and certification

– It’s illegal to get married unless you pay for a government marriage permit

– It’s illegal to hire someone to work for you unless you pay them at or above a government-set wage

– It’s illegal to build a house from the ground up unless you pay your local government permit fee’s which can (in California) easily add $50,000-$80,000 cost to your new home

– It’s illegal to replace the roof on your home unless you pay for a government permit

Is America truly the “land of the free,” or is everyone so used to permits that they don’t realize that the government is stealing our rights and selling them back to us?

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