Virginia Legislators Vote To Expand Medical Cannabis Oil Law

Alice Salles Comments

Virginia lawmakers have defied the federal government this week as state officials voted unanimously in favor of a piece of legislation that would allow state doctors to prescribe cannabis oil extract, a non-psychoactive compound, to anybody who needs it.

The change came after a grassroots movement that has been called a “struggle” by some in the media.


Despite the difficulties these advocates have experienced to get here, they managed to change the state’s medical marijuana laws for the better, which showcases just how any advocate could make a huge change by following countless others who have nullified federal laws in their states.

The change made recently by legislators came thanks to a group of local families who have seen their children get better with the help of cannabis oil extracts. Many of these brave mothers and children even had to move to Colorado to make sure their children had access to the medicine they needed before coming back to Virginia.

“We chose to come back to the state we love and the people we love and put our faith in our lawmakers,” Beth Collins, a mother, said during a hearing in 2015, when lawmakers allowed doctors to prescribe cannabidiol to patients with intractable epilepsy.

Now, after continued fighting from people like Collins and other moms, lawmakers have voted to expand the state’s medical marijuana laws. Doctors could be able to prescribe the medicine to anyone who may benefit from it once the new bill is signed into law.

“It feels good to know that millions of patients can potentially benefit from this. It’s just great,” said Collins.

In the Tenth Amendment Center website, the organization reminds visitors that the Tenth Amendment in the Constitution is clear as to its purpose.

By emphasizing the “limited nature” of the powers the states have delegated to the federal government, the amendment makes clear that only the states have the authority to take power back.

When grassroots organizations and individuals fight to take control back locally, they are either recognizing that decentralization of power is a legitimate way to maximize liberty, that the Tenth Amendment should be put into action whenever necessary, or both.

Hopefully, as more of these changes are enacted across the country, more grassroots groups or individuals with a vision will advocate for themselves and defy the federal government when it comes to other power grabs.

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