In Case You Weren’t Aware: The TSA Is Literally The Worst

In Case You Weren’t Aware: The TSA Is Literally The Worst

If you’ve been living under a rock since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, may not know this, but the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does more harm than good.

While we have heard over the years about the several cases of abuse, theft, and inefficiency related to the organization, we never truly understand just how bad it’s become until we hear about frail people being mistreated by TSA agents.

Recently, the TSA put a Holocaust survivor under what she called a “very demeaning body search” that sparked outrage across social media. But even after her story was widely circulated, the TSA remains in place, their agents remain employed, and the federal government remains unwilling to put an end to the agency.


The incident happened in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Eva Mozes Kor had been to the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History on Saturday to talk about the inhumane experiments she experienced at the Auschwitz concentration camp when she was a child. But after the lecture, she had to undergo an intrusive body search at the airport that made her feel vulnerable.

In her tweet following the experience, she complained that as an 84-year-old, she can’t even lecture about surviving Auschwitz in peace without suffering in the hands of yet another group of government workers.

Many Twitter users replied telling their own experiences and showing compassion. But no matter how unpopular the TSA has become, few have shown any willingness to stand up to the agency.

Led by an army of union members and bosses who lobby the government for more jobs, more money, and more power despite their status as government employees, the TSA as an agency has become security theater. But Americans have become all too agreeable. As these agents are given carte blanche to touch them inappropriately and sometimes even steal from them, few if any of us have truly been vocal about their hatred for the whole experience.

But perhaps, the very fact that people are not flying as often as they once did might be partially due to the TSA and its abuses. And if that is a serious problem, then why aren’t airlines lobbying the government to bring the TSA to an end?

Maybe because instead of fighting them, they decided to simply nod and join them.

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10 thoughts on “In Case You Weren’t Aware: The TSA Is Literally The Worst

  1. I stopped flying at the inception of the TSA. I’m still afraid I’d end in jail if they tried to take my toothpaste. I figured that boycotting airlines and the hospitality industry was my best bet to get Congress to get rid of them, but I forgot how slow the political process is. Glad to hear travel is down. Maybe somebody will do a survey of infrequent travelers!

  2. TSA sexually assaults hundreds of people every day in spite of this claim: “contact with Plaintiff’s genitals, if any at all, was incidental and occurred through the course of a typical security pat-down.” Read here:

    TSA refuses to advise passengers that their genitals will be touched. Instead, they use the term “groin.” Men suffer from genital contact more often than women, but for some reason, probably related to being macho, they don’t complain as much as women. If TSA won’t tell you that your genitals will be touched, they have then committed sexual assault.


  3. I travel for a living, so I have little choice but to fly, but I ALWAYS demand the “rub down” rather than going through the scanner… when doing so, they look at me as if they do not understand, and I get the question “do you mean “opt-out”? To which I reply; “I’d love to opt-out, but you won’t let me, so I’ll take the rubdown. I usually then get eyes rolling, but sometimes they will say, oh, you want a “pat-down”, to which I reply; “no one has ever “patted” during these abuses, it’s always been ‘rubbing’, but feel free to call it what you want.”
    It is my goal to make them at least a fraction as uncomfortable as they make all of us.
    Which of course is why I will wear my kilt through the airport whenever the opportunity arises to do so… regimental of course

  4. I think all TSA checkpoints need to be videotaped from every angle completely and reviewed independent of the TSA. That would cut down on some of the abuses. It would give some transparency.

  5. Put body cams on all TSA employees dealing with the public. Also video and audio record all screening activities. Body cam data should be publicly available. Other recordings should be publicly available so long as there are no security issues. Reviewing of data should not be done by TSA employees.

  6. Just go back to the way things were before 9/11. It was a one and done deal. We and the terrorists are done with blowing up planes. They have our food supply and are setting entire regions on fire which the news is too politically correct to blame the true culprits so they blame PGE. PGE does it job to shut power and they still complain. Utter morons you Americans are.

    I am ashamed to be an American. I have NEVER been so disgusted and I lost hope when Bush was elected twice. American’s deserve to be invaded and maybe they will see what dictatorship is really like when we become Venezuela.

    The globalist have VERY scary plans for the US.

  7. God. I made a typo. I meant to say We have had it with being afraid of terrorist blowing up planes. I was starting another sentence and never finished it.
    The terrorists have moved beyond blowing up planes and moved to other ways of causing trouble including Kratum. There’s a company here in the PNW called Organic Divine and tracing it you find VERY questionable things going on.

    They own a bunch of markets and gas stations which were family ran before and since they switched to Kratum people stopped going there and are hardly ever busy and by busy I mean 10 people is a crowd now.

    These markets used to be JAMMED packed often with little to no parking available this was 2 years ago it all changed.

    We need to go back to before 9/11 and not give these terrorist their acknowledgement.

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