This Rapper Wants To Know What The IRS Does With Her Money

It’s tax season. And as we all know, it’s the worst time of the year.

It’s the worst because as we review the exorbitant amount of money expropriated by Uncle Sam, we wonder how many wonderful things we could have done with all that dough (and how wasteful people tend to be with other people’s money).

If you’re anything like me, you start to think of the charity organizations you would be helping if only you could keep your hard-earned money. But you might also consider painting the house, putting the kids in a private school, or even taking your loved ones on a nice vacation somewhere in Europe.


Whatever it is, it would be money better allocated if it stayed in your pocket in the first place.

Cardi B, a rapper and Instagram celebrity, noticed that a great deal of her money went to the IRS this year. As she faced the harsh reality that she was giving away money for “free,” she questioned whether the agency could provide her with a receipt.

After all, she said, “when you donate to a kid from a foreign country, they give you updates of what they doing with your donation.” Why can’t the federal government do the same?

Well, Cardi B, the reality is that neither you nor your government knows what it’s doing with your money besides the mandatory spending to Social Security, Medicare, etc. And that’s because the United States is in such debt that all the money that goes in pales in comparison to what goes out. Meaning that the United States government, much like an out-of-touch person with a compulsive buying disorder, is living off credit cards with very high limits.

But then again, even if the government knew where that money is going and it provided you with a receipt, you would become aware of how it allocates your money. And that’s the problem.

Sen. Rand Paul just recently tried reading the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill before it was brought to the senate for a vote. Lawmakers were given only a few hours to reads hundreds of pages and yet, the bill passed.

According to Paul, the bill secured funding to promoting democracy in Europe, giving Lebanese students scholarships, and maintaining 770,000 empty buildings around the world. Imagine if taxpayers were given detailed notes on all the absurdities their money goes toward, wouldn’t they just run for the hills?

Regardless of what the answer might be, Cardi B is asking the right questions. Unfortunately, a lot of others out there seem less enthusiastic about trying to understand what is going on.

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3 thoughts on “This Rapper Wants To Know What The IRS Does With Her Money

  1. Yes, political government is based on violence. Politicians are borrowing and creating debt and thus enslaving future generations. Yes, the politicians are evil; they are wicked; they are diabolical. Yes, the gd, commie/socialist politicians, mostly DemonKraits, have been “check kiting” for well over 90 years. There is a penalty for such criminal behavior and the piper will exact his pay; we will be piped into the bottom of the outhouse as punishment for our immorality.

  2. the int. rev. doesn’t ‘do’ anything with ‘your’ property – it [the int. rev.] is the collection agency for congress which will do anything it wants to do with what used to be ‘your property’ – even sign-off on a bill of over one thousand pages that the members have never read!
    instead of asking what it does with the property it steals from you, ask the secretary of the treasury where, in the int.rev.code you are shown to be “subject to” a revenue tax..? good luck on getting anyone to answer that question for you!

  3. “Imagine if taxpayers were given detailed notes on all the absurdities their money goes toward, wouldn’t they just run for the hills?”

    What really concerns them is that too many would likely start running for the rooftops instead.

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