Comics for Liberty: Jamie Sherman is Using His Talent for Freedom

TJ Roberts Comments

Avengers: Endgame is rocking the world, so maybe it’s time libertarians join the world of comics. This is the dream of author and freedom fighter Jamie Sherman. Voluntaryist Origins is a comic series that follows Jack Lloyd, a superhuman fighting the government attempt to enslave us all. This content is necessary when so much of our culture is now defending the state.

We have to fight this propaganda, and Sherman is leading this fight against indoctrination through this critical and fun approach to communicating the ideas of liberty. This is why Eric July of BackWordz has been so successful. People are craving content that fights against the statist will of the current cultural leaders. This is why we must enter the cultural realm to make liberty win.

Comics: The Next Frontier for Freedom

Jamie Sherman is experiencing a great deal of success in the campaign for his comic series. This is because liberty advocates are beginning to understand that politics is downstream from culture. With the remarkable success in Avengers: Endgame, one can see that our culture values comic books. With this in mind, we must promote liberty through this medium. It is simply too good of an opportunity to miss.

In addition to the cultural benefits of comics, this medium provides a remarkable means of telling a story that teaches a lesson. The Voluntaryist Origins is the story of a hero fighting an evil government – our government. Sherman quite openly demonstrates the evils not only of the US government, but of government in general. No one has to ask what the hero’s preferred society is. Freedom is the obvious alternative in this story. Sherman is a very talented artist and author. He tells his stories well and he promotes the ideas of liberty just as well.

In the same way Dave Smith promotes freedom through comedy, Jamie Sherman is taking the message of liberty into world of comics, a frontier that we have needed to enter in order for liberty to be effective in the battle for our culture. Whereas you owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win, you also need to know where you are most useful in this ideological battle for the free spirit of humanity. Comics is a rather untouched market. Jamie Sherman is making sure that libertarians have a voice in this platform. Please support his venture by reading his material and/or donating to his campaign to continue his art!

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