NRA Board Member Mocks Activist, Refuses to Fight Suppressor Ban

NRA Board Member Mocks Activist, Refuses to Fight Suppressor Ban

The NRA and Moms Demand Action may be partnering to further infringe upon your right to bear arms. A concerned lifetime member of the National Rifle Association messaged Willes Lee, a member of the Board of Directors. In the message, the member asked if the gun rights organization to which he gives money will fight for our right to bear arms. Lee responded by saying the following: “Thanks for your membership & support. Your snark doesn’t deserve a reply. Try again.”

I suppose now is a good time to remind people that the NRA supported the NFA. They laid on their sides when Trump banned bump stocks. And now it looks like they will do the same thing when it comes to suppressors. The disrespect shown by Lee is unbecoming of anyone in a position of leadership. But what is worse is his disrespect for the right to bear arms (I’m assuming he supports gun control passed by Republicans since he didn’t respond to my request for comment.

The NRA: Sellouts Negotiating Rights Away

Willes Lee is just a symptom of the cancer that is the NRA taking money from gun owners to fight against gun rights. As mentioned above, the NRA has been fighting against the interests of gun owners since the 1930s. When it comes to our non-negotiable rights, actions speak louder than words. When it comes to people like Willes Lee and other closeted tyrants, you will hear the phrase: “I support the right to bear arms, but…”

Michael Malice once said that in politics, anything preceding the word “but” ought to be ignored. When someone calls for any restriction on your right to bear arms (including accessories and ammunition), they do not support the right to bear arms. Rather, they support government-regulated privilege. They are no ally to liberty. Fortunately, the NRA has seemingly come out against the ban on suppressors, but Willes Lee is still a threat to your right to bear arms.

The Suppressor Ban Expands Tyranny

Beyond the NRA selling out your fundamental rights, we have to realize why what they are doing is so bad. A suppressor is an accessory that mitigates muzzle flash and reduces the sound produced by a firearm by 30 decibels on average. Even with a suppressor, the average gunshot is still louder than a jackhammer. All that a suppressor accomplishes is that it mitigates the possibility of immediate hearing damage. Prolonged exposure can still cause hearing damage.

The question is not a matter of need. It is a matter of your rights. You, as an individual, have a fundamental right to bear arms. You also have an inherent property right. So long as you voluntarily acquire a firearm and/or suppressor, you are not violating anyone’s rights.

It’s time to stand up and fight against tyranny, even if it’s from people who falsely claim to support liberty. Support organizations like Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights, and the Firearms Policy Coalition. They deserve your support. The NRA does not after this incident.

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10 thoughts on “NRA Board Member Mocks Activist, Refuses to Fight Suppressor Ban

  1. Let’s make sure that Willes Lee gets voted off of the Board of Directors, when you get your ballots. He’s like a politician, working for himself, and he can be FIRED! Just like a Liberal, insulting too.

  2. Because absolute power corrupts absolute. And yet a reason to shed any visages of support for an organization who considers their members as chattel, and arrogant pretentious assholes with so little consideration for members who ideally pay their way.

  3. Yeah it’s time we start taking back what’s ours. Our constitution is being attacked and I’m sick of the corrupt board members.

  4. Why is the leadership no more couragous than a keyboard comando? To be insulting is the straw that breaks my back.
    I agree with the others here calling for a vote out,better yet,an impeahment to change leadership faster.

  5. I will never support the NRA …..they have become a tool for those who wish to infringe on our rights, NOT to help protect them. Any group who supports disarming LEGAL firearms owners or catering to the filthy politicians is my enemy. My money will be better spent elsewhere.

  6. These board members , of NRA better start working for all of us AMERICANS who Live and Support our 2 be amendment and our Rights to bear Arms. Quit playing the DEMORAT roles and do your jobs you were Elected for

  7. The NRA is much like the Republican party in general… Even with their stated principles they’re far from perfect, but they talk a good game on a lot of stuff. The problem is in what they actually DO when push comes to shove.

    If the Republicans truly did all the things they talk about when they controlled government, they’d be pretty friggin’ awesome on a lot of things… But they usually just jack spending, pass bad laws restricting freedom, etc.

    The NRA does the same. They often say the right thing about gun laws, but then will roll over when they’re most needed. I mean supporting the NRA is better than giving your money to the Clinton Foundation or whatever! But they’re not absolutists. The GOA is far better, and it would be nice if people that can afford it support both of them. If you have to choose, go GOA.

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