Thomas Massie Supports Bill to Expand Gun Rights for Medical Marijuana Patients

Jose Nino Comments

The firebrand congressman from Kentucky Thomas Massie continues to make waves in Congress. Massie recently joined Congressman Alex Mooney in introducing the 2nd Amendment Protection Act H.R. 2071.

This legislation lifts the current federal prohibition on medical marijuana patients who own firearms or ammunition. Killing two birds with one stone, this bill enhances drug freedom while also restoring basic Second Amendment civil liberties. 


On June 28, 2019, Massie became the first co-sponsor of Mooney’s bill. This bill demonstrates the potential overlap with gun rights and drug freedom issues. Similar to gun control, drug policy has witnessed the federal government gradually infringe on people’s basic rights over the last century. Due to this, many individuals are simultaneously witnessing infringements on their gun rights and their ability to freely choose what substances they want to consume.

One notable example is a Texas veteran who would have to give up his gun rights if he acquires a medical marijuana prescription. This is what it’s like for millions of veterans across the nation thanks to federal laws that restrict both gun rights and people’s right to consume what they want.

 Thankfully, certain liberty groups are catching on to this trend. These types of alliances between different interest groups are key in advancing our ideas. Restoring liberty won’t happen overnight but merging the gun rights and drug reform movements could prove to be a wise endeavor for creating pro-freedom policies in the long-term.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we must be willing to take advantage of it if we want to move forward.

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