New Poll Shows That a Majority of Women Support Socialist Policies

New Poll Shows That a Majority of Women Support Socialist Policies

A new Harris poll documents that 55 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 54 prefer socialist policies. However, men remained steadfast in their opposition to socialism.

This poll is among the latest in polls indicating that younger generations are becoming more receptive to a state-controlled economy. Above all, women seem to be a demographic that has seen an uptick in support of leftist ideas.

The socialism debate has become one of the larger themes going into the 2020 elections. Just looking at countries within our own hemisphere like Cuba and Venezuela, we see what command and control economies are capable of doing to countries. However, this has not fazed many on the Left on the issue.

The aforementioned Harris poll shows that “the public has varying levels of agreement on what exactly constitutes a socialist political system” and there still remains differing views on what socialism exactly means.

In reality, what this poll shows is that a growing segment of the population wants a mixed economy with more generous social benefits. Nevertheless, this will require a more activist government in order to be enforced.

The poll highlighted what exactly constitutes “socialism” in people’s minds:

  1. Universal healthcare: 76%
  2. Tuition-free education: 72%
  3. Living wage: 68%
  4. State-controlled economy: 66%
  5. State control and regulation of private property: 61%
  6. High taxes for the rich: 60%
  7. State-controlled media and communication: 57%
  8. Strong environmental regulations: 56%
  9. High public spending: 55%
  10. Government “democratizes” private businesses — that is, gives workers control over them — to the greatest extent possible: 52%
  11. System dependent on dictatorship: 49%
  12. Workers own and control their places of employment: 48%
  13. Democratically-elected government: 46%

It is sad to see western countries fall for petty identity politics that is used to mobilize people to promote collectivist causes. Capitalism has made us more humane in certain regards. In one aspect, capitalism helped free women from certain oppressive cultural practices such as domestic abuse and enabled them to make a living outside of the traditional house setting.

Thanks to these developments, they now have the choice of being homemakers or pursuing careers as they see fit. This, unfortunately, goes over many statist’s heads as they prefer to turn to the easy out of identity politics.

2016 was a big year for the normalization of socialist ideas in America. Bernie Sander’s campaign put forward the idea of “democratic socialism” on the map. He has continued championing these ideas during his present 2020 campaign and now has a known Venezuela apologist in David Sirota as his speechwriter. Younger generations can also look to one of their own in the freshman Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez.

AOC has made a name for herself by denouncing capitalism and pushing for more government control over people’s private economic decisions. Although her statements are wrong-headed, she continues to amass a giant following in social media and is poised to be the future of the Democratic party.

Liberty advocates will have to reclaim support from these groups and make the case that systems that respect property rights and voluntary interactions are the best ways to organize society. 

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6 thoughts on “New Poll Shows That a Majority of Women Support Socialist Policies

  1. Sorry, but I don’t believe there is any “uptick,” just more stridency. Was there ever a Men’s Christian Temperance Union? A Dads Demand Action for Gun Control? A Fathers Against Drunk Driving? We have over a century of evidence that women vote to be dominated and managed. For an extreme discussion of this topic, see .

  2. Most of the ones who aren’t socialist according to that poll are still FAR to the left of men. It’s hard wired into our biology. Obviously there is individual variation, but women prefer safety to personal responsibility at their core.

    Like it or not women’s suffrage sealed the deal for big government in America. It is inevitable given the way their brains are wired. No free society can exist with universal suffrage. We could allow women the vote if there were perhaps a net tax payer requirement for voting, maybe a knowledge test, or something along those lines. But as long as we have universal suffrage we will never be free.

  3. Commie/socialism is immoral; it is based on the use of force/violence to loot A to satisfy B. Women should be ashamed. Ever since women got the vote they have approved of violence by politicians to impose their feelings, opinions, beliefs and “false religions” on people who don’t share them. Women have the maternal instinct and it seems that they allow it to over ride economic/moral senses. The whole debacle of government social welfare Statism is because women thought it was OK to use force to achieve “safety” and “freedom” and “peace.” Does anyone not see the duplicity? In the end politics is violence and political government is the bane of humanity; it is not Christian. Women who vote sanction violence and so voting by anyone is an act of violence. Shame, shame, shame on women for approving of the wickedness of commie/socialism. The Bible teaches in Revelation that the troika of evil, that wicked consort of politics, commerce and “false religion” will be destroyed. Voting by anyone is evidence of apostasy or Satan’s infection or atheism or agnosticism. It ain’t good. The road to hell is paved with allegedly “good” intentions. I like the women but the undeniable truth is that there have been serious and damaging economic consequences since women got the vote. We have had wars, The Great Depression, several recessions, massive increase in the debt and the “debt bomb” from hell is hanging over our heads, the taxes have looted us for the social welfare scheme that perpetuates slavery and the fiat currency system approved by Democrats has looted the world and made enemies galore. There was a reason God made men to be heads of families. God gave us free will, freedom to choose, not to be stinkin’ slaves on the plantation state run by elitist, slop-at-the-trough, suck-at-the-golden-teat, parasitic, masters/politicians and their overseers/judges/enforcers. Men seem more gifted to discern the evil of using government force to steal, though for sure it is not general as most big crimes are done by men. Women who believe in using government force to impose their beliefs and opinions are themselves immoral and are Satan’s acolytes. Sorry to break that sad but simple truth to anyone who is unaware.

  4. Vivien, do you think there’s an evolutionary psychology basis for this difference? (Not that genes dictate beliefs and behavior–just tendencies.)

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