Rural Illinois Wants to Break up from Chicago

Jose Nino Comments

It’s common knowledge that the city of Chicago effectively determines all politics in Illinois.

In effect, progressive politics is imposed on rural voters whether they like it or not. On the issue of gun control, this is most notable.

Chicago has earned notoriety for being a gun control hub and also one of the most violent urban centers in America. Bearing Arms reports that “rural Illinois, however, wants no part of gun control.”

There have been recent talks about separating Chicago from the rest of the state. Additionally, they have discussed encouraging more counties to pass gun sanctuary resolutions.

Two Republican state representatives, the Effingham County Board Chairman and Vice Chairman, and two gun rights activists addressed residents in Sangamon County about this idea recently. They discussed the attempt to break Chicago away from Illinois and why county boards statewide are passing gun rights sanctuary resolutions.

This effort to separate Chicago from the rest of Illinois stems from controversial legislation on subjects such as tax hikes, gun rights, and social policies

State Representative Chris Miller said, “this is shrinking all the time, but the last I checked [Illinois] had the 18th largest economy in the world — in the world — and we have done almost everything that we can possibly do to destroy that.”

He added, “so just think about what would happen if we, instead of having the highest of everything, if we were the lowest of everything … we would be thriving.”

The gun rights sanctuary movement is one of the fastest growing examples of political decentralization taking place in the nation. Oregon got the ball rolling in 2018 when it decided to pass Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances. Soon this movement spread like wildfire across America when other states like California, Colorado, and Rhode Island passed their own gun sanctuary resolutions.

Rural dwellers in blue states are starting to realize that conventional legislative means are not the answer to changing public policy. Focusing more on their counties and town halls is where they will have the most impact.

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