9/11 is Old Enough to Fight in the Resulting Wars

TJ Roberts Comments

9/11 is a day that changed the course of history. As a result of US foreign intervention, groups radicalized. These groups attacked the US on our soil 18 years ago today. Now, the event that the power elites used as an excuse to strengthen their empire is old enough to fight in the wars of the US regime.

If this doesn’t show you that 9/11 has become a political tool for warmongers, I don’t know what will.

9/11 is not an excuse to continue these wars

To start, none of the wars in which the US is engaged is against countries that helped commit the September 11th attacks. The US killed most perpetrators of these attacks within months after the attacks. Now, everyone who was directly involved with the attacks is either dead or in prison. Any war that is justified by 9/11 ended years ago.

When someone invokes 9/11 as an excuse for continuing the wars, they are lying to you. So-called “foreign policy experts” beg the public to support the Military-Industrial Complex on the corporate press. It is a pathetic display. These individuals are dedicated to indoctrinating you, and they are using an attack that would be able to fight in the US military were it a person. Any time someone criticizes a foreign policy of peace by invoking September 11th, know that they are not being honest.

End the Wars to Stop the Next Attack

Pearl Harbor and September 11th were both the result of blowback. US involvement has made us less safe and less free. Due to US engagement in the Middle East, the public has lost friends and family to the terror that inevitably results. As a result of 9/11, the Patriot Act annihilated the Bill of Rights. While the military “fights for our freedom” abroad, we are losing our rights by the day. We suffer from crippling debt. Ultimately, there is no fight for freedom in America that must be taken abroad.

The true fight for freedom, however, is to end the wars. As the US continues to fight these wars, the risk of another blowback attack increases. If the US truly cared about safety and freedom, they would end the wars and bring the soldiers home. 9/11 was a great tragedy. It ended thousands of lives. This did not have to happen. We can and we must stop it from happening again.

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