Surprise: Bernie Sanders Stands Up Against Gun Confiscation

Surprise: Bernie Sanders Stands Up Against Gun Confiscation

A broken clock is right twice a day.

No one epitomizes this more than presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

At a rally in early November, Bernie Sanders told a crowd that forcing law-abiding Americans to turn in their firearms is unconstitutional.

During the rally in Iowa, Sanders stated, “A mandatory buyback is essentially confiscation, which I think is unconstitutional. It means that I’m going to walk into your house and take something whether you like it or not. I don’t think that stands up to constitutional scrutiny.”

This stands in stark contrast to former Congressman Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke who exclaimed “Hell yes!” when asked in a  Democratic Party debate if his presidential administration would confiscate firearms. O’Rourke explained his stance by proposing that police officers would drop by the homes of law-abiding citizens to confiscate their (prior) legally owned arms in the case that a gun ban passes.

Additionally, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, support legislation that would send Americans to jail if they’re caught with an “assault weapon.”

“We should have a law that bans these weapons, and we should have a reasonable period in which people can turn in these weapons. Right now we have a nation that allows in streets and communities like mine these weapons that should not exist,” Booker declared.

Sanders’ clarity on the issue of gun confiscation is relieving. As interventionist as he may be on economic issues, here he at least tries to represent the views of his Vermont constituents, who have historically been pro-gun. After all, Vermont was the first true constitutional carry state — where all law-abiding citizens can carry a gun without a permit. Gun confiscation is the worst form of gun control. It deprives people of their right to bear arms and is the hallmark of tyrannical regimes. Even the most milquetoast of leftists should be able to understand this.

However, Sanders is no pro-gun hero. He supports legislation such as “assault weapons” bans. This inconsistency is typical of our political class. Once they concede that the government can infringe on certain rights, the rabbit hole of government control will only go deeper. So it’s small wonder why his colleagues like O’Rourke and Booker are taking gun control to its logical conclusion — confiscation.

Sanders’ candor on the issue of gun confiscation is laudable. Recognizing the unconstitutionality of certain policies is something that’s missing with the rest of the Democratic field of candidates. Sanders should extend that same logic to other gun control policies he supports.

Let’s not hold our breath, however.

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6 thoughts on “Surprise: Bernie Sanders Stands Up Against Gun Confiscation

  1. I hope you showed the same scrutiny with Donald trump as you do with democrats when he said, “we will take their weapons before due process”

  2. I think you meant to type the 1st amendment. The 2nd amendment isn’t that important. No one actually needs a gun in America.

  3. I hope you end up in a situation one day where you wish you had a gun, America is not a safe bubble, the average response time of 911 is between 10 – 12 minutes, and that’s after or IF you get the the chance to call them, how can you not take your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones seriously?

  4. No, James, the 2nd Amendment IS the foundation on which all the other amendments stand. Take away the citizens’ ability to forcibly stand up to tyranny, and the rest crumble. Right now a third of the country owns 400 million firearms. If the government attempted to shut down media or shut down gatherings to protest, the 2nd provides the tools to stand up to the government. Take away those tools, and you now live in China, and will be readily sent to re-education centers or disapperared.

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