ruwartDr. Mary J. Ruwart is the author of the acclaimed libertarian book Healing Our World, a widely-praised guide to libertarian ideas. Its unique fusion of spiritual concerns with hardcore libertarian ideas has won it rave reviews.

Healing Our World has been published in Russian, Serbian, Lithuanian, Rumanian and Croatian, in addition to English. The International Society for Individual Liberty has established a fund that accepts contributions for further printings in Eastern European nations. “The Martie Ruwart Memorial Fund” is named after Ruwart’s sister, who died in 1992 and was a staunch supporter of the book.

Healing Our World is available online for free in its entirety. The new edition, Healing Our World in an Age of Aggression, can be purchased from Dr. Ruwart or from the Advocates Liberty Store.

Dr. Ruwart became interested in libertarian ideas as a young child. “I watched Johnny Tremain,” she said, remembering the 1957 Disney film about a young American Revolution hero. “I watched Leslie Neilsen play Francis Marion in [the Disney TV show] ‘The Swamp Fox’ — and I fell madly in love with Francis Marion, so I was very interested as a child in the concepts of the American Revolution and freedom.”

As a college student she read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, which had a profound effect upon her. In the late 1970′s she joined the Libertarian Party. She ran several highly-regarded Libertarian campaigns for state and local office in the 1980′s. She was a contender for the party’s presidential nomination in 1983, and for its vice-presidential nomination in 1992. She served on the party’s Platform Committee in 1983. During this time she began exploring ways of improving libertarian communication skills, a topic on which she has since written and spoken widely.

Dr. Ruwart was a senior scientist at Upjohn Pharmaceuticals for 19 years. Prior to that she was assistant professor of surgery at St. Louis University Medical School. She has also worked extensively with the disadvantaged to rehabilitate low-income housing.

Her accomplishments have earned her recognition in several prestigious reference works, including American Men and Women of Science, World’s Who’s Who of Women, International Leaders in Achievement and Community Leaders of America.

Currently Dr. Ruwart, in addition to writing and speaking on libertarianism and effective libertarian communication, gives courses and seminars teaching scientists how to effectively communicate their ideas through writing and speaking.

Her column, “Ask Dr. Ruwart,” is a popular feature in the Liberator Online, the Advocates’ free bi-weekly email newsletter. That column inspired her book, “Short Answers to the Tough Questions,” also available from the Advocates online catalog at this site.

Dr. Ruwart is an in-demand speaker on libertarian ideas at colleges and libertarian conventions. She has spoken on libertarian communication, and other topics, at some of the largest Libertarian Party state conventions, at national Libertarian Party conventions, at International Society for Individual Liberty gatherings and at the Advocates for Self-Government’s Tenth Anniversary Summit, among others.

Praise for Healing Our World

“Through its win-win approach, Healing Our World bridges the gap between liberals, Christians and New Agers; special interests and the common good…” — Republican Congressman (and 1984 Libertarian Presidential Candidate) Ron Paul (R-Texas)

“…a major dimension of this book is its linkage between our spiritual perspective and our economic well-being.” — Frances Kendall and Leon Louw, Nobel Peace Prize nominees and authors of South Africa: The Solution

“Great message!” — best-selling author Wayne Dyer

Healing Our World provides a wealth of documentation covering virtually every major contemporary social issue… an extremely compassionate and hopeful book, which will appeal strongly to liberals, women, and members of the human potential movement.” — Jarrett Wollstein, International Society for Individual Liberty

“… may be the most important book of this decade… It will challenge everything you think you know about how we can accomplish our goals of growth and prosperity as a nation of individuals.” — Joseph Terrano, Visions magazine

“It speaks to the heart, to our common sense, to the basic morality that we were all taught as children.” — Illinois Libertarian Newsletter

“The author combines libertarianism with Western and Eastern spirituality…. examines health care, the rain forests, prisons, unemployment… she challenges the reader to see those things outside of custom, in spiritual clarity.” — South Bend Tribune


“One thing that’s becoming clearer to me as time goes on is the very deep interconnection between freedom and love. ‘Enlightened’ Eastern philosophers equate enlightenment with freedom, and freedom with love. To them, it’s all the same thing.

“The libertarian movement is a reflection of this desire for freedom at the physical level. For political freedom to manifest, we have to incorporate the spiritual aspect of freedom — mutual love and respect.”

– from an interview in The Liberator, Winter 1997 issue.