Tim Slagle

tim-slagle 2A hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners, hilarious libertarian stand-up comic, Tim Slagle has appeared on television (including MTV and Showtime’s Comedy Club Network), at top clubs around the country and at libertarian events.

Slagle also stars in Tim Slagle: A Wake, a 45-minute 1993 video of his act, taped before a live audience.

Warning! Slagle’s comedy includes strong language (but it is directed against targets that well deserve it).

“Slagle doesn’t pick around the edges of political comedy. He drives the pike straight into the Cyclop’s eye. He’s been compared to Lenny Bruce and George Carlin. When was the last time you heard a comedian take on the Holy Drug War, or Asset Seizures, or the swindle of the National Debt, or the farce of gun control? Never? Slagle does and does it superbly. His off-beat, sometimes shocking comedic style and libertarian politics combine to make this an unforgettable experience. It’s a pretty safe bet he’ll never do comedy routines at the White House or on PBS, but he’s performed all over the country in clubs, on college campuses, on MTV and before the Libertarian Party National Convention to standing ovations.” — from Slagle’s website