Sessions Promises Crackdowns As More States Move To Legalize Cannabis

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As the former senator and current Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to make the crackdown on marijuana a priority, states like California bet on the cannabis industry instead. In the hopes that Sessions’ threats are all empty, entrepreneurs are telling themselves that the AG is just trying to act tough.


In other states like New Hampshire, lawmakers are taking steps so that the federal government cannot use local resources to go after local marijuana businesses.

The New Hampshire State Senate has just passed a marijuana legalization bill that allows people over the age of 21 to legally possess up to three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana. The bill also allows individuals to grow up to three mature cannabis plants at home.

But despite the change to rules that impact individual users, the bill does not allow entrepreneurs to open retail locations.

This bill is different than the ones that paved the way for full legalization in Colorado, Washington, and now California, but similar to the bill that is being advanced in Vermont. In the neighboring state, the state’s House passed a legalization bill that is now waiting for a Senate vote.

In a practical way, if more bills relaxing, decriminalizing, or legalizing marijuana pass across the country, Sessions will be getting the message that the federal government’s decision to keep marijuana scheduled as an illicit drug does not matter to the individual states.

Without the states offering their own resources to go after cannabis users and retailers, the federal government’s actions are restricted. With more states saying “no” to the war on drugs, the people will be able to bring the federal government’s monopoly over personal choice finally to an end.

Moreover, federal agencies will always strive to continue to regulate our lives. Instead of worrying about who will occupy the White House next, what should matter to all of us is to see that changes are enacted locally so we can live freer lives here and now.

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