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Let’s Just Have A Computer Program Decide Everything

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“Let’s Just Have A Computer Program Decide Everything”

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On my way to Las Vegas last week for FreedomFest, I had a revelation about “efficient government” and why it does not appeal to me. At least, it does not appeal in the same way a free society does.

WALL-EAs we’ve seen many times, candidates for office will promise to make government more efficient, eliminate waste, and reduce its size. While I appreciate the sentiment and pragmatism of that message, as a libertarian, I can’t take it seriously.

When we encounter those in favor of efficient government over the freedom a libertarian society offers, I suggest we offer the following suggestion: “Let’s just have a computer program decide everything.”

When it comes to efficiency, a computer program can make the decisions currently made by bureaucrats administering the myriad government programs that exist today. If you think about it, we could eliminate the waste, fraud, and abuse by making programming the decision-making to execute the laws and regulations on the books. The savings made by this automation would certainly make government operate cheaper, and there would be fewer people employed by government.

As we saw in Back to the Future II’s vision for 2015, the legal system moved much more swiftly after they abolished all lawyers. While this was certainly more efficient, it likely wasn’t effective when it came to justice and the preservation of liberty.

Is that what libertarians are really seeking?

So, if you really think about it…if we make government more efficient, will we be freer?



The Problem with “Should”

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The Problem with “Should”

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Often, I find that the feedback and suggestions I hear from within the libertarian community are unintentionally similar to feedback and suggestions from non-libertarians about the role of government. In fact, I find them to be eerily similar to the way many Americans talk use a phrase many libertarians despise.


Are you among those I’m writing about in this cautionary tale?

That feedback and those suggestions typically involve the word “should.”

“We should do this.”

“This should be done.”

In nearly every case, the word “should” is used without follow-up about how the giver of that feedback or suggestion will perform or help to perform toward their intended outcome.

That is an outsourcing of responsibility.

By only suggesting that something should be done, you assign an obligation or duty to someone else. Many times, that person will agree, but they have priorities and tasks that take precedence.

How do you remove the “should problem”?

That problem disappears when you take on the responsibility of some tasks toward the outcome.

Is it any different from saying “There ought to be a law!”?

Knowing what to address is a great start, though if you don’t have a solution or take action to correct things, are you really part of the solution? Or simply joining the chorus that points out a problem?

One of the things that makes an effective libertarian is having a defined solution in mind when you see a problem in government.

The next time you are about to say “should,” will you have an action plan and support for what you are pointing out? Are you willing to pitch in to solve the problem? Or are you outsourcing the responsibility of what should be done to someone else?

VIDEO: Remy’s Tips for Improving the TSA

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The Transportation Molestation Administration — oops, we mean the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) — recently announced they were seeking suggestions from their victims — oops, we mean the public — for how to improve airport security lines. They even offered $15,000 in prizes for the best tips.

And that inspired the great liberty-minded comedian Remy to offer his suggestions — in the form of a song, no less.

Check out the video and see what Remy came up with. Let’s hope he wins!

Share with friends. Thanks once again to ReasonTV for a great video! Approximately 1:45 minutes.