Eastern Washington Wants a Divorce

Eastern Washington Wants a Divorce

Second Amendment supporters in Washington state want to file for divorce.

Tired of the recent wave of anti-gun ballot initiatives, a band of Second Amendment activists wants to create a 51st state made up of the 20 Washington countries that lay east of the Cascade mountains. The proposed state would be called, “Liberty.”

This group is specifically rallying against the recently-approved Initiative 1639, which imposed universal background checks, raised the minimum age to buy semi-automatic rifles, established a mandatory waiting period for rifle purchases, and mandated the safe storage of all firearms.

Washington state has seen its share of gun control passed over the past few years, with bump stock bans and red flag gun confiscation orders coming into law.

As crazy as some people think a breakup of Washington state would be, this is not exactly a far-fetched idea. Similar concepts have already been floated in states like California and Colorado.

As the country becomes more culturally divided along rural and urban lines, separatism might be the way to go for states that want to maintain socio-economic stability.

Jurisdictional competition is what made Western societies great. Europe and the U.S.’s federalist systems were a stark contrast to the eastern empires of old like China and the Ottoman Empire which spanned large regions.

To maintain control of these territories, massive bureaucracies and iron-fisted rule were needed. That’s why Europe gradually prospered while Eastern empires languished into the start of the 20th century.

For gun owners in anti-gun states like Washington, which is ranked 38th according to Guns & Ammo Magazine, nullification of statewide gun control laws and state separatism are the most violable means of beating back bad gun policy.

Nullification of bad state laws has already started in the Pacific Northwest, with counties in Oregon and Washington rejecting gun control measures. This is a good first step. Then, separatism should follow. Either way, gun rights activists in Washington are on the right track.

With a country of over 330 million people covering such a wide array of territory and cultural backgrounds, the idea of using traditional political means to restore gun rights seems very unrealistic. Cultural differences and institutional inertia make this a seemingly futile endeavor in the U.S.

Once people develop more of a decentralization mindset that promotes the idea of increased jurisdictional competition, we can see unprecedented policy innovation through the emergence of “freedom enclaves.”

The 20th century was the century of universalism and statism, but we can make the 21st century the era of decentralization. Proposals like the state of Liberty would be a good start.

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3 thoughts on “Eastern Washington Wants a Divorce

  1. Our country is heading towards local tyrannical rule using the excuse of states rights over Federal rights to take away our cherished rights given to us by God. Our founders added these amendments to the constitution to protect these rights that are being taken away from us. Fanatical fascist leftists are extremely conformist & self righteous who believe they must re-engineer our broken and oppressive racist society. Nothing is good enough for them because they follow no absolute rules of right and wrong including those values encapsulated in the Bill of Rights. So, these leftist governments are growing more tyrannical by the day and we must push back in peace and resolute especially the violent Antifa Fascist lunatics. We must also push for our National government to defend the Bill of Rights! I support the new state of Liberty to free us from the mass of leftist brainwashed zombies here on the west side of the state. They believe that firearms are inherently evil.

  2. I have to say, I never expected someone from the west side to agree that our state government is getting out of hand with it’s bullying the east and passing “laws” that just don’t work in our area. My hat is off to you, friend.
    We on the east side have been talking about splitting the state since the 1970’s that I’m aware of, and possibly longer. State legislators have no clue what happens here, but they keep restricting us whenever they can. From “environmental protection” laws that nearly killed our logging and cattle ranching to the recent push to take our gun rights, we have PLENTY of reason to want to separate. Several attempts have already made it to state legislature, but so far, all have failed. I have kind of mixed feelings on splitting the state, but if we (east side) continue to have no more say in state government than we have now, separation may be the only remaining solution.

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