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Get tips, tools, and training that will empower you to successfully spread the ideas of liberty with confidence from Brett Bittner, Sharon Harris, Michael Cloud, The Libertarian Homeschooler, and Dr. Mary Ruwart.

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The World’s Smallest Political Quiz is a fast, fun and accurate assessment of a person’s overall political views. The Quiz presents a new political map that is far more accurate than the old “Left versus Right” line, based on ten questions on specific political issues to find your place.

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Keep up with the best libertarian resources, the libertarian movement, successful libertarian outreach, upcoming training and other events, as well as what The Advocates for Self-Government is doing to advance the cause of liberty.

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In Their Own Words

  • My friend and I drove here [to Atlanta] from Oklahoma City and I’m really glad we did…. Some would look on it as kind of crazy for us to come this far for this event, but there’s nothing else nearly as important as the question of freedom and liberty for all people everywhere… I closed my music store in Oklahoma for the week to be here, and I feel it was more than worth the loss of revenue. You all did a wonderful job. Very inspiring.
  • Thank you very much for presenting the Advocate’s program on Libertarian Persuasion last weekend. I enjoyed it greatly and learned much from it. I’ve also heard positive comments from its attendees… The Advocates method of libertarian persuasion is positive, thorough and structured – all things that lead to successful efforts to persuade and change policy and culture. Let’s plan more seminars for Indiana!
  • Thanks for all the great insights and tools to help me become a better communicator for freedom. I feel this seminar has strengthened my weaknesses and will make my strong points even stronger. I’m running for office this fall and I feel that the people are thirsty for something new and exciting, and this seminar is a start of something good if not great for me to speak for the cause.
  • The Advocates help people to put into words the longing for independence that most Americans feel deep in their hearts.
  •  Your seminar was inspiring and informative. You gave me specific tools that I can apply to my activism to grow the party, to incorporate into candidate platforms and tools that will help me to continue to fine tune my responses to questions that are asked of me. I will attend another of your seminars, and I will highly recommend it to friends. Thank you for your patience, your wit and for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us.
  • The Quiz has proven to be invaluable in breaking the ice with people who otherwise wouldn’t give our booth a second glance. It opens the door to conversations about personal liberty.
  • “I love, love, love The World’s Smallest Political Quiz and working Operation Politically Homeless outreach booths. It is such a great way to open political dialog about the meaning of freedom, and there are few things more rewarding than helping someone discovery that they are a libertarian and need to be homeless no longer.
  • I can’t imagine setting up our outreach booth without the World’s Smallest Political Quiz handy! The Quiz has increased our traffic tremendously and gives us a great conversation piece.
  • The way that The Advocates for Self-Government talk about liberty and teach others to do so shows an intense passion for it. Programs like the “Libertarian Dozen” and other quality training give activists, candidates for office, and elected officials a great base from which to speak about and share the beauties of self-government.
  • The presentation at the Marietta seminar was wonderful! Sharon always teaches her communications workshops in a way that anyone can understand, and everyone can take something useful away from them!
  • In my campaign, the best way to expose someone to how libertarian they are was the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.
  • Brett’s presentation, “Why Libertarians Lose and How We Can Win” is a valuable training I highly recommend for all Libertarians looking to get elected to public office or help a fellow Libertarian with their election. In this presentation Brett identifies potential areas of improvement and then offers practical solutions based on his personal experience winning an election. I am looking forward to hosting a full day Advocates for Self-Government Libertarian Communication workshop.
  • I had the pleasure of attending Brett Bittner’s “Walk the Walk” speech this year at Liberty Forum. It’s one thing to do activism; it’s yet another to spread the message of liberty passively by actually living like a libertarian on a daily basis. Brett gave practical, real-life examples and the results of walking the walk.”
  • David Cureton, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Mark W. Rutherford, Former Chair, Libertarian Party of Indiana
  • Author Name
  • Joe Hauptmann, Chair, Libertarian Party of Indiana
  • Dawn Beene, Stockbridge, GA
  • Doug Harman, Former Chair, Libertarian Party of Georgia
  • Caryn Ann Harlos, Castle Rock, CO
  • Chris Mayo, Former Congressional candidate, (IN-7)
  • Brett Bittner, Former Marietta City School Board Member
  • Jordan Collis, Vice President, Young Americans for Liberty at Georgia State University
  • Rupert Boneham, 2012 Libertarian Party of Indiana Gubernatorial Candidate and former Survivor contestant
  • C. Michael Pickens, Former Chair, Libertarian Party of Washington State
  • Rodger Paxton, host of The LAVA Flow Podcast

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