“Public Schools are Literal Prisons for Children…”

TJ Roberts Comments

As the school year comes to an end, it is only fitting that we discuss public schools and the often irreparable damage they do children. The title is a fragment of a Michael Malice quotation. The full quotation goes as follows: “public schools are literal prisons for children and the only time many people will ever encounter physical violence in their lives.” While public education is one of the sacred cows of the public, we must take another look at these corrupt institutions.

To start, Malice is not lying when he says these schools are literal prisons. You have no say as to whether or not you go to school. Once there, you have little to no say as to what courses you take. Not only that, but you learn what to think instead of how to think. One avoids this only if they have a remarkably intelligent educator who has no qualms with violating the educational standards by which they must abide to keep their job. You are, in every way, a prisoner to the administrative state while in public education.

…and the only time many people will ever encounter physical violence in their lives.

In public schools, you have no right to leave. If you do not like a classmate or teacher, you cannot drop the class. When fight or flight kicks in, flight is not an option. With work, you can quit. In every other realm, there are peaceful means of avoiding conflict.

This is not the case in public schools. One of the biggest protections for the violent in public schools is that the “educators” punish the victims or those who fight back just as severely. Because of this, violence prospers in public schools in the same way it does in prisons.

One of the greatest lies you learn in public schools is that “it doesn’t matter who started it.” Under this platitude, any victim of violence who fought back is just as much to blame. Public education tells you to submit to the violent and to take whatever abuse society decides to throw at you. It makes sense, given the fact that public education wishes to foster conformity and obedience, not success and independence.

Public Schools, the Biggest Bully of All

Public education has one mission: beat the independence out of children and mold them into obedient drones for the state. This is not my interpretation, but Horace Mann’s – the father of American public education. These institutions exist to indoctrinate your kids into the progressive worldview. It is the duty of a civilized human being to take back your right to raise your kids. Private schools is not enough, by the way. So long as these schools abide by the curriculum set forth by the state, they will also come with their own downfalls. We have to also fight against the curriculum requirements. They, too, foster indoctrination unless vehemently battled by brilliant educators.

“Socialists regard your property as their property, but even more nefariously they regard your children as their property.”

This is a war for the hearts and souls of our future. Left-wing educators and administrations built a progressive curriculum and dominate the schools. It will only get worse until we stand up and realize that, as Michael Malice points out in the preceding quotation, the socialists in power in public schooling and academia are not well-intentioned folk who are simply misguided, but malevolent in intent.

Some may argue that schools aren’t prisons because students have some degree of constitutional rights. But so do prisoners. If anything, the limited “rights” that kids in public schools only proves my point. No matter how many liberties students may have in schools, the government claims ownership of you if you are a student. If you are a parent, the government claims to own your kids.

It does not matter how unpopular this truth is. Until we fight back against these prisons, we will continue to lose the fight for freedom.

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