Hispanics Are Arming Themselves After the El Paso Shooting

Hispanics Are Arming Themselves After the El Paso Shooting

Hispanics are arming themselves after the El Paso shooting. And they’re doing it in droves.

A report from the Daily Mail highlights how Hispanics are rushing to buy guns and attend concealed carry courses.

While politicians look to enact top-down solutions to tackle the issue of gun violence, citizens are responding differently. They know that the government will not always be there to protect them, so they are strapping up.

Thanks to Texas’s relatively lax concealed carry laws, many Hispanic residents of humbler means can carry handguns for self-defense without much hassle. Many Texan Hispanics are of Mexican origin, or recently migrated from Mexico, a country that is notorious for its strict gun control laws. The laws there make it virtually impossible for law-abiding citizens to arm themselves against the very real threat of drug cartels.

For many Mexicans living in America, it is a blessing to have a right to self-defense, a concept which is an incredibly regulated privilege back in their homeland. This would be a great opportunity for Second Amendment advocates making inroads with Hispanics who are concerned about their safety.

The Second Amendment is a color-blind concept. From African Americans defending themselves against white supremacist groups during the Jim Crow era to Korean store owners protecting their businesses from rioters during the Rodney King riots, the right to bear arms has served minorities well.

By enacting gun control legislation such as universal background checks, politicians only increase barriers to entry for minorities who desire to protect themselves and their families from criminals. If anything, events like El Paso show that minorities should be increasing their firearms ownership.

Politicians who claim to fight for minority interests, but advocate for further gun control are doing their constituents a disservice.

Not everyone can arm themselves, but giving people more options for self-defense never hurts. Instead of growing government, we should be looking at growing firearms ownership.

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3 thoughts on “Hispanics Are Arming Themselves After the El Paso Shooting

  1. This site will be listed as a site of moderation because of its comments section..

    There is no such thing as “gun violence”. This is a focus-group-driven buzzword and talking point to create an imaginary bogeyman as the main anti 2nd Amendment propaganda tool. There are PEOPLE who commit violence with guns, but there are many more people who commit violence without them.
    And, since the term “gun violence” is a catchword/cliche, the title suggests an unattainable goal. People have been robbing and killing other people, using the weapons of the day, since the beginning of man on this planet, which identifies the real issue – controlling criminal impulses in humans, not the otherwise legal instruments they use to commit crimes.
    Anyone who doesn’t realize and/or acknowledge this isn’t thinking, s/he is ‘feeling’, and our liberty cannot depend upon what anybody ‘feels’.

  2. Re: ” universal background checks ”

    If the totality of what is really desired is “universal background checks” on all gun transfers, the answer is simple and easy – give anyone free, anonymous, public access to the federal NICS background check database of persons prohibited from owning firearms and then tell private sellers if you sell or give a firearm to someone and don’t retain something that documents you did a favorable NICS check on the buyer, you could be held liable if they commit a gun-related crime. There is no reason to get the government involved any further in the process unless you have other goals in mind like a federal registry of all firearms.

  3. They were stupid to not have done so already.

    This is the United States, where people’s fundamental rights are are enshrined in our governing document.

    I hope they realize that, and refuse to vote for Democrats, who would strip them of their individual right to arms.

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