Rand Paul Proves He Is Too Good For Us, As He Upsets the Right People

Rand Paul Proves Once Again He Is Too Good For Us, As He Upsets All the Right People

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is notorious for being a principled voice for limited constitutional government. Even better, he amuses us with how swiftly he induces tantrums among the political establishment’s flunkies.

Aside from President Donald Trump, it’s Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who is usually the face of evil for liberals. But on Tuesday night, an NBC News story, based on two anonymous McConnell-linked sources, redirected the ire squarely on Paul.

What did the libertarian ophthalmologist-turned-politician do to deserve this? He did his job.

Paul proposed an amendment to the coronavirus bill being rushed through the Senate after passing the House 363-40. For those keeping track, libertarian-leaning Republican Thomas Massie didn’t vote, and libertarian-leaning Independent Congressman Justin Amash voted present.

Paul’s amendment, according to NBC News reporter Julie Tsirkin, was officially summarized as: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to require a social security number for the purposes of the child tax credit, to provide the President the authority to transfer funds as necessary and to terminate United States military operations and reconstruction activities in Afghanistan.

Twitter is littered with righteous indignation constantly, but Tuesday night, it was mostly directed at Paul. And it was mostly thanks to the NBC News story poorly co-written by Tsirkin.

Before getting into the catty tone of the article, let’s consider the actual concerns people have with Paul’s amendment.

First, isn’t there a national emergency going on? Now isn’t the time for nitpicking what’s legal under the Constitution or how Congress appropriates funds. There’s no time for delay, we’re led to believe. 

The answer to this critique is short, because there simply is no delay in voting beyond a few minutes just because an amendment is proposed. All of this drama is just political theatre, with McConnell aides directing the show.

Second, and perhaps more reasonably, it may be asked what the war in Afghanistan has to do with this coronavirus. That almost begs the question though. Why is Congress leaping to this hot new political commodity known as a coronavirus when they’ve skirted their true duties for so long?

Beyond the deadly Afghanistan misadventure being a drain on financial resources, it’s worth investigating how human resources are wasting away, mired down in that desert. In Syria, most of the U.S. troops are from the South Carolina National Guard. Might be nice to have them here!

Here Paul is doing the job all the other senators are supposed to be doing. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t fit into the narrative most comfortable for the political and media elites.

As a result, we end up with junior high school level journalism weaponized against patriotic dissent.

“Paul is notorious for forcing votes on amendments he knows will not pass,” the NBC News story goes.

It concluded in a similar fashion: “He even briefly caused the government to shut down in 2018, using a procedural tactic to block the Senate from meeting the deadline to keep the government open because he objected to the price tag.”

Both of these statements are lies, though the authors probably believe them. It’s a sure sign of the deep divisions in the country.

Whether it’s the 9/11 Victims bill, the Ukrainegate impeachment failure, or foreign aid, Paul consistently upsets the right people by doing the right thing. This doesn’t mean Paul is perfect, but it does mean Americans should appreciate his special role in Washington, DC.

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7 thoughts on “Rand Paul Proves Once Again He Is Too Good For Us, As He Upsets All the Right People

  1. Yeah, Rand wanted to shut down the government in 2018, over spending, CLAIMING concern for deficits and the debt.

    Then he voted FOR an unpaid tax increase, with even worse impact on deficits.
    Yes tax cuts must be paid for, unless one ignores deficits,
    No, it’s not “letting me keep my own money”, if that money must be borrowed!
    Yes, it’s stealing from your own children and grandchildren, laying tax burdens on them, without their vote or consent … which a real libertarian, Thomas Jefferson, wanted forbidden in the Constitution..

  2. I have great respect for senator Paul who tries his damndest to keep to Libertarian tenets. I voted for his father, congressman Ron Paul and was thoroughly disgusted with the dirty take over by the Republicans of Dr. Paul’s constituency. Donald Trump has America’s best interests at heart except for being unable to refrain congress from increasing the unsustainable burgeoning National Debt. I am appalled at the evil spending onus put onto our children and their children. The country will never survive as the founding fathers intended, to the discredit of our great malfeasant, ignorant politicians. As Benjamin Franklin replied “A Republic ,Madame, if you can keep it”.

  3. I don’t think that particular amendment was appropriate in that particular bill. I don’t hold Paul in any higher regard than any other thinking human being. As for social security numbers for children, doesn’t Paul realize that the social security system is part of what he opposes? If so, why would he require anyone to get a social security number? Something doesn’t add up.

  4. Well said, Many people have LONG Forgotten that our country was founded as a “REPUBLIC” We the People need to remind Everyone in Washington D.C. that THEY work For US, The U.S. people who Gave them the Privilege, to serve us !

  5. mike hihn lower taxes increase revenues to the treasury, and yes, it is our money, give it back. why are you here? you lost or something?

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