Hardcore Pro-Gun Groups Are Focusing Their Efforts on State Legislatures

Hardcore Pro-Gun Groups Are Focusing Their Efforts on State Legislatures

Some pro-gun groups are focusing their efforts exclusively at the state level.

National Public Radio recently put a spotlight on Greg Pruett, the president of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance and his efforts to advance legislation that strengthens gun rights. Like some activists in the last few years, Pruett has come to the conclusion that Washington D.C. is filled with a lot of talk and little action. As a result, his organization has become more pragmatic in its approach to legislative change, focusing more on rolling back Idaho’s gun control policies at the local level.

It is true that because of gridlock in Washington, D.C. gun policy is largely being determined at state legislatures. On one hand, certain issues like red flag gun confiscation orders have become mainstays in blue states across the nation. On the other hand, Constitutional Carry has made solid progress in more conservatives states. In fact, Idaho recently strengthened its current Constitutional Carry law last month after Governor Brad Little signed HB 516, which now lets all out-of-state residents above the age of 18 carry a firearm without a permit.

Idaho is one of the most pro-gun states in the country. It is ranked in 2nd place according to Guns & Ammo magazine’s most gun owner-friendly states. During the last few years, it has led the way in passing legislation such as S.1332, a nullification measure that prohibits the enforcement of future gun control passed at the federal level. Nullification is a time-honored aspect of American politics and is part of the U.S.’s legacy of federalism. Put simply, states can reassert rights that the federal government infringes upon.

Such processes put the federal government in check and let states become bastions of liberty when the federal government becomes derelict in its duty to protect traditional freedoms. The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions of 1798 first asserted states’ rights against the free speech infringements brought about by the federal government’s passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts.

The current shift in activism in Idaho offers a valid lesson not just for Second Amendment proponents, but for people who want to see a whole-sale reduction in government involvement in our daily lives. Any issue — from education freedom to food freedom — can be taken up on a single issue basis and then be promoted locally. By taking efforts locally, freedom advocates can build a solid grassroots movement and reinvigorate local institutions that have long been abandoned.

Localist politics might be the way out for America to break out of its increasingly polarized political climate.

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2 thoughts on “Hardcore Pro-Gun Groups Are Focusing Their Efforts on State Legislatures

  1. It looks like there were words left out of this article:

    “From 2017 to 2018, Republicans had control of all chambers of the federal government”

    …and did precisely NOTHING to fulfill the promises of interstate carry legislation and sound suppressor deregulation they made to the gun community to get elected… until the Democrats let them off the hook by re-taking the House, whereupon they filed all the bills they had sat on for two years, knowing they would go nowhere but Democrats could now be blamed.

    The reason gun groups are focusing on the state level currently is entirely in response to the gun-banner groups shifting their focus to the state level. Mike Bloomberg has been outright buying rights-restrictive initiatives and even legislative seats on a state-by-state basis, in places like Nevada, Florida, Virginia, and now even Arizona, and state associations are responding appropriately.

  2. No doubt Washington is lax in their priority to get things done.
    I think this gridlock is the result of the bureaucracy (over-sized govt).
    Terms limits are a must, and also the ongoing push for Article V convention of states, to straighten out and clean up the swamp that is washit.d.c.
    Speaker jackass nutzy peloozi has simply got to go; she is one of the main subversives of the constitution that tries to hide behind her religion, when it suits her cock-eyed narrative.

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