Calling All Filmmakers

Justin Arman Comments

If you want people to entertain a new idea, usually the new idea has to entertain them first.
— Bill Marsilii

ASG.STREAM is a 501(c)3 donor-supported platform that has secured funding and is launching Summer 2023.

Our pre-launch strategy includes featuring great films every two weeks. We’ve allocated funding to market each film extensively during this phase.

Our goal as a platform is to use exceptional film to demonstrate human character and to inspire the public to embrace the ideas of a consent-based social order.

What we’re looking for:

  • Feature-length / shorts / episodic
  • Movies / documentaries
  • Animations
  • Well-produced podcast

Themes we’re interested in:

  • Demonstrates exceptional human character
  • Proposes solutions without coercion
  • Shows the damaging effects of coercion
  • Illustrates a consent-based social order

Benefits for filmmakers:

Our goal is to create a supportive relationship with emerging filmmakers. Below is not an exhaustive list, but some of the benefits we might be able to offer:

  • We feature your film in our extensive network
  • We create film trailers and marketing collateral
  • We host screenings
  • We submit to film festivals
  • We might fund future projects!

Please contact us here. (During prelaunch, we’re using Google Forms)

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