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Justin Arman Comments

The Advocates For Self-Government has partnered with issit.org to bring the documentary film, Life Behind The Berlin Wall, to its new streaming platform, ASG.Stream.

“Why did people risk their lives to escape East Berlin?”

That’s the question asked in the documentary film Life Behind the Berlin Wall. This film surveys the history of Germany being split into two distinct systems of governance: free-market West Germany vs. communist East Germany. It shows what life was like for the people living in the Soviet-controlled East Berlin and why people fled west towards freedom.

The film is presented by Rainer Zitelmann, a German historian, sociologist, and author.

ASG.Stream’s Executive Director, Justin Arman, has this to say about the partnership, “We’re thrilled about our new partnership with izzit.org, and we’re hoping to release many of their titles leading up to the official launch of our platform. izzit.org has produced dozens of entertaining and educational videos for scholastic use that ask viewers social and moral choice questions to advance understanding of human freedom. With the audience that our nonprofit has amassed over the years, we have the unique capacity to get these important films seen by a wider audience.”

Arman continues, “Watching films on Youtube can be frustrating because of all the ads. ASG.Stream’s unique value add is that the platform is free, and films can be watched ad-free. We’re a donor-supported platform.”

Rob Chatfield, President & CEO of izzit.org, shares his thoughts on the partnership, “The Advocates for Self Government have long championed looking at issues from beyond a “left/right” perspective. izzit.org asks viewers to consider the social and moral choices that guide their personal beliefs. We are pleased to offer Life Behind the Berlin Wall as an example of what actual people — with the same culture, language and economy — chose to do given their circumstances. Which direction resulted in more peace and prosperity?

Check out Life Behind The Berlin Wall’s official trailer here.

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