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Fear Of IRS Audit Leads To Suicide

Taxation, libertarians often say, is theft. But taxation also has other implications, causing those who are the target of the state over the suspicion of tax evasion to suffer greatly.


Lowell Hawthorne, the founder of the Golden Krust Jamaican beef patty empire, appeared to fear that the huge tax debt he allegedly had with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would destroy him. Afraid of the probe into his alleged tax evasion, Hawthorne decided to end it all, committing suicide in his own office.

The whole incident was caught on tape, with Hawthorne pulling the trigger and ending his life inside of the office of his Bronx bakery and warehouse.

According to family members, the man was “acting funny” hours before taking his own life. He had reportedly talked about the debt to the IRS with family members and was afraid of what this would mean to him and his company.

The entrepreneur launched his business in 1989, employing several relatives. In his note, the business founder and Jamaican immigrant apologized to his family. But perhaps, who should really be apologizing to his children and grandchildren is the IRS.

For many years, the United States survived without any income tax, a reality that former presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul often highlights in his speeches. But as the federal government expanded, launching the American Civil War, the need for an income tax to maintain pay for the efforts became a reality. Over time, the tax burden only grew in America, especially after the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. And while we still struggle to pay the bill for our involvement in World War I, the debt continues to grow, making the future of every single man, woman, and child in this country a little more bleak.

While Hawthorne was also being targeted in a civil lawsuit regarding labor law violations, it was the fear of what he would experience under an IRS probe that led the grandfather to shoot himself.

The stress many business owners go through during IRS audits and other probes revolving around taxes is enough to make people sick, and, as we can see, crushing enough to make someone consider suicide. So when will we admit that, perhaps, it’s time to rethink taxation in the United States?

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8 thoughts on “Fear Of IRS Audit Leads To Suicide

  1. What a shame. When will government realize that they are servants of the people and stop terrorizing people with life altering and drastic measures.

  2. I work with my CPA almost every day to make sure I am paying my share of taxes, and never fall behind. I have never been audited, but keep all records of income earned and expenses made. This business owner may have had other mental health or coping issues on top of having trouble with the IRS

  3. The IRS has made life unfulfilling. When a deadbeat welfare collection person gets nearly $10,000 BACK and I OWE.. its time to rethink the tax plans.
    Why am paying child care for others when i fear not affording my own?

  4. A 6,000 taxes i own the i rs quickly turned into 14,000 the last 5 years. On payment plan but probably be paying the rest of my life with with penalties and interest that never stop. With threats of wage attachments and leagal action. If I miss one payment well I say to the irs they are no better than the mafia. Except the government does it regardless of the people they hurt. I am not Iinnocent. But I made some bad disions in life not on purpose but for survival of my family if l ever have to pick paying irs and putting food on our table. I will pick my family every time. Go ater the people the owe millions of dollars.it is always the lower class people that pay the burden of the government.

  5. irs/ wi. dept of revenue has harassed my family since i was bankrupted by 2007 recession.. i owed irs about $4000, wisconsin dept of revenue about same.. now i have a federal tax lien on my primary residence for $70000! in 2020 they are still harassing me.. wisconsin dept of revenue is worse… they revoked my real estate license, car salesman license, garnished 25% before taxes out of my paycheck, siezed bank accounts, even my sons bank accounts… i have been emotionally damaged, i have lost my sanity, my profession, my dignity…. my marriage, and the love of my young sons.. . i hate the irs … i hate the wisconsin dept of revenue, i have seriously contemplated suicide because there is no way out… ever… they want to see me die… i never evaded taxes. i was broken in recession, and ever since recession of 2007, unable to pay the debt… thats not like an illegal alien who deliberately defrauds the irs, takes benefits illegally, has no ss#, and gets federal grants, aid, college, healthcare…. my family has no healthcare….. ive paid taxes for 40 years, so has my wife…. i am living in the shadows, hiding….. im emotionally dead.

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