Red Flag Laws: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

TJ Roberts Comments

Conservative Inc. is committed to passing Red Flag Gun Laws. Regardless of one’s beliefs on the 2nd Amendment, one must conclude that one’s gun rights were safer under Barack Obama than they are under Donald Trump. These Disarmament Order Laws would revoke not only gun rights but also the most basic due process rights of people.

Red Flag Laws Would Lead to a Due Process Crisis

Many think these laws would only take guns from immediate dangers to society and/or themselves, but let’s think about the worst-case scenarios.

What if not trusting the government means you are a domestic terror threat? Transgender individuals have a 41% suicide rate which is much higher than the national average. Should the government take away guns from transgender individuals even though they are frequently the victims of violence and desperately need to be able to defend themselves?

What about demographics that are more likely to commit a crime? Should they be disarmed? What if the president is a racist? What if the president hates other ethnic groups so much that he demands they be disarmed. Just remember, you do not get to decide what constitutes a red flag; the government does.

Speaking of the president, what if he decides that members of the press who don’t like him should be disarmed? That totally wouldn’t happen, right? Right?

As it turns out, Donald Trump has no problem calling for the disarming of political opponents. If Obama did this, conservatives would be rioting, and rightfully so.

Your Gun Rights are in Immediate Danger

If you think Donald Trump calling for the disarming of Chris Cuomo is the end of it, you are oblivious. The only people who ought to be disarmed is the government agencies that would enforce these tyrannical laws. Red Flag laws are nothing more than a tool of the political class to disarm everyday individuals.

If you have a representative who supports these tyrannical laws, remove them from office, regardless of party.

These anti-gun policies will be enforced by government thugs who have no problem killing people in pursuit of disarming the people who believe in liberty.

Do not lose hope.

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