I Pity Meghan McCain

TJ Roberts Comments

Pamela Anderson and Meghan McCain engaged in a heated discussion on The View last Friday. The two clashed over Julian Assange and the military. Throughout the exchange, Anderson called out McCain’s blatant lies about Assange’s heroism. To say the least, McCain was smearing Assange by calling him a “cyber-terrorist.”

The crowd was on Anderson’s side, leading to an outburst from McCain. All in all, this exchange was an embarrassment for the War Party and its shills within the corporate press.

But this exchange goes beyond Julian Assange. It goes beyond American foreign policy. Rather, one can see a horrifying problem with America’s heart in this exchange. As the conversation continued. It became increasingly obvious that McCain has no concept of society, even humanity, without the state. It is not, however, her fault. She has fallen victim of years of indoctrination that American children, but especially the children of the power elites, suffer.

Meghan McCain Sees No Life Without Government

At an especially testy part of the exchange, Anderson explained that the US Military has killed far more people than Wikileaks could ever imagine. After she said this, McCain responded to Anderson by asking, “So you think the military is putting the government at risk?” I didn’t notice this line at first. But when I saw this video again, I felt chills thinking about this quotation. Pamela Anderson just pointed out that the military has killed thousands, if not millions, of innocent people; and the only response you have is that the military doesn’t endanger the government?

In order to believe this, you have to believe that there is no line dividing the people from the state. One does not come to think of the best interests of the state when the death of innocents come to mind unless they were conditioned to think that way.

Simply put, Meghan McCain is just as much a victim of indoctrination as the average mainstream adherent of political thought. For McCain, however, it is ten times worse. The probable source of this radical indoctrination is her father, John McCain, and his associates.

To be very clear, we are not the government. Until we realize this, the heart and soul of liberty and independence is at jeopardy. This is the real battle of our generation – autonomy vs. the absolute disintegration of a culture that separates us from the state.

We must fight against our social conditioning to view all that is good as the state, and all that is outside the state as bad. Such a cultural disposition is the road to totalitarianism.

So, condemn Meghan McCain’s sentiment, but don’t blame her for it. She is a victim as much as any other prisoner of government “education” is.

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