Mike Sertic, President

Mike Sertic joined The Advocates as president in 2017. Prior to that, he worked at The Morning Star Company’s Self-Management Institute, which promoted an organizational philosophy and structure fundamentally based on values of self-government.  He also worked at the Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting principles of human respect. Mike holds a BA in Economics from California State University, Sacramento.  He lives near Foresthill, CA, where he enjoys hiking with his dog Tucker, gardening, and slowly building a homestead.

Jim Babka, Executive Editor

Jim Babka is Executive Editor of the Advocates for Self-Government, home of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.  He is the President of, Inc., mobilizing a brigade of concerned citizens to pressure Congress in a libertarian direction. This includes the creation of Read the Bills Act, One Subject at a Time Act, and Write the Laws Act. Jim is also a Colleague at the Foundation for Harmony & Prosperity. He’s the co-creator of a “post-statist” educational initiative called the Zero Aggression Projectdemonstrating how politics violates the Zero Aggression Principle. In this role, he co-authored the Political Conscience Test. Formerly, Jim hosted and guest-hosted radio shows, including his syndicated program, The Downsize DC Conference Call, on the Genesis Communications Network. Previously, Jim was the project manager for Armed & Secure, as well as the pre-Iraq War, TruthAboutWar campaign. He also served as the Executive Director of which took a lawsuit challenging the campaign finance laws all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Before all of that, Jim was the Press Secretary for Harry Browne for President. He’s been a paid consultant to other political campaigns and nonprofits. Jim serves on the steering committee for the Free Speech Coalition. He is the author of three policy papers, including How the FDA Helped Kill My Dad. He and his wife, Susie, home-schooled their three children.

Chloe Anagnos, Media Director

Chloe Anagnos is a professional writer and digital marketer. Her research has been published by The Advocates for Self-Government, America’s Future Foundation, the American Institute for Economic Research, the Foundation for Economic Education and has also appeared in The Epoch Times, National Review, ZeroHedge, Evie Magazine, and more. She’s worked on marketing campaigns for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and presidential campaigns. She earned two degrees from Ball State University in journalism and telecommunications.

Joanna Blaine

Joanna Blaine joined the Advocates for Self-Government in 2019. Assisting with administration and creative projects, she is honored to support the Advocates while a colleague with The Morning Star Company and Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity in Sacramento.

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