About The Advocates

Who We Are

We are a community that champions the values of self-government. These include voluntary association, personal responsibility and neighborly assistance.

Our VISION is:

A world of self-governing people living in a condition of happiness, harmony and prosperity.

Those who advocate for self-government reject the initiation of force as a means of solving social problems. Instead, we promote a social and political philosophy that promises greater public safety, smarter regulation, and more compassionate welfare. That political philosophy replaces coercion with persuasion and violent state power with systems of free association.

Everything we do is driven by our MISSION:

To equip people to understand, embrace, and advocate the values of self-government.

Achieving Self-Government


Good government is no substitute for self-government. – Mohandas K. Gandhi

Whether it begins in the classroom, at a county fair, or at home in front of a computer, Advocates for Self-Government starts conversations to foster an understanding of our philosophy. Millions of thoughtful people are interested in the role of government. We engage them.

We draw from decades of experience to offer unique educational resources to teachers who want their students to explore a more comprehensive representation of political thought — starting with our implementation of the Nolan Chart and the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. In short, there’s far more to political philosophy than “Team Red” or “Team Blue.”

Indeed, we believe that our current system of government creates a false dichotomy. Imagine if your smartphone had only two apps, red or blue. Choose the red app and you commit to social control and economic freedom. Choose the blue app and you commit to social freedom and economic control. But what if you value social control and economic control? And what if, like us, you value social freedom and economic freedom?


The qualifications for self-government in society are not innate. They are the result of habit and long training. – Thomas Jefferson

Once we’ve made the case for self-government, explaining its social and political ramifications, we turn to address a fundamental question: How can one person (out of millions), make a difference by applying the social values of self-government in their own lives?

To this end, we endeavor to introduce new channels for putting principles into action by:

  • Showcasing real-life stories of charities, companies, and individuals who practice self-government in pursuit of their personal missions and values;
  • Providing access to original content in books, newsletters, or video formats to reach people in their preferred media, so they can go from understanding to advocacy;
  • Connecting interested, practicing Advocates to educational and community opportunities for social change;
  • Offer the tools, whether policy analysis or persuasive techniques, to help others break out of the conflict machine of power politics, regain control, and begin to self-govern;
  • Join The Advocates and take the pledge to reject the initiation of force and resolve to employ non-coercive solutions to social issues wherever possible


That government is best which governs not at all; and when men are prepared for it, that will be the kind of government which they will have. – Henry David Thoreau

Self-government is not a solitary endeavor. It is not something that one achieves in isolation. On the contrary, it is a social and civic pursuit that, along with the fruits of freedom and prosperity, brings with it responsibilities. Once one understands and embraces the social values of self-government, The Advocates works to equip our community with resources to spread the message to others.

Our work at the Advocates for Self-Government should result in expanding our circle of Advocates. These individuals are champions who not only embody the principles of self-government in their daily lives, but also actively work to share the values with others, so that they might begin their own personal journey of self-discovery and self-government.

Our advocacy outreach includes the following products, activities, and resources for our Advocates:

  • Non-Harm Pledge
  • Operation: Politically Homeless – These are tabling or booth kits for events. It includes everything you need to start conversations about self-government with the next generation of Advocates
  • Digital Outreach Booth – Use the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to drive traffic to our membership and partnership networks.
  • Seminars, Workshops, and Webinars

Self-government is not a utopia in which we close ourselves off from the outside world. It is a way of being that requires both self-discipline and a commitment to helping others through peaceful and voluntary solutions. As more people become Advocates, fewer people will rely on coercive institutions (political force) to make social change.

The Advocates for Self-Government


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