Amplifying Our Message: Seth Godin’s Insight

Published in Liberator Online

(From One-Minute Liberty Tip in the Liberator Online, Volume 18, No. 17. Subscribe today!)

Communication and marketing guru Seth Godin has written 14 bestsellers that have been translated into 33 languages.

He also writes the most popular marketing blog in the world. I find Godin’s blog to be consistently stimulating and provocative. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a better communicator and marketer for liberty.

One of his recent posts has special relevance to libertarians who want to rapidly increase awareness and understanding of our ideas.

The post is entitled “Message amplification isn’t linear.” Godin writes:

”Put two loudspeakers next to each other, and the perceived sound isn’t twice as loud — and ten times as many speakers certainly doesn’t seem ten times as loud.

”But when you hear an idea from two people, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from ten people, the impact is completely off the charts compared to just one person whispering in your ear.

”Coordinating and amplifying the evangelists of your idea is a big part of the secret of marketing with impact.”

If your neighbor hears the word “libertarian” once, it may pass right by him, unnoticed. Ten times, from ten different people? It will then be part of his worldview. He’ll become curious and want to know more.

If your colleagues hear an explanation of libertarianism one time, they may not know what to think about it. Ten times, from ten different people? They’ll probably know what libertarianism is, be aware of it, and be open to learning more.

If readers of your local newspaper see the world “libertarian” in a letter to the editor one time, they may hardly notice it. By the time they’ve seen the tenth letter? They’ll be aware that there is a fast-growing and active libertarian movement — and maybe they’ll want to be part of it.

The libertarian message is spreading. But there are still millions of people who have yet to even hear the world libertarian. And millions more who haven’t heard enough about libertarianism to be more than briefly familiar with it.

That’s our job. Not necessarily to be the final convincers, the ones who close the sale, but to be another of those many voices amplifying the libertarian idea — calmly, persuasively, effectively.

To be the first voice. Or the tenth. Or the hundredth.

That is how we will take the ideas of liberty to the world.

And that is why it’s so very important for every libertarian to learn to be effective evangelists and ambassadors for liberty.

(The above post from Seth Godin’s blog was reprinted with his permission. Read Godin’s blog, subscribe to his newsletter, and learn about his excellent books at his website.)

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