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In 1985, Marshall Fritz founded Advocates for Self-Government with the help of a small, visionary cadre of libertarians in Fresno, California. Since then, the Advocates has remained loyal to the mission laid out by Marshall and our founders. We have continued to identify, train, and develop a movement of grassroots libertarian persuaders and activists across the country who are capable of effectively communicating the principles and values of self-government.

Our sights remain set on ushering in a society composed of advocates like you who respect other people enough to not use or endorse the use of coercion against them or their property—resulting in far greater social harmony and economic prosperity.


It is in keeping with this mission and vision—and Marshall’s legacy—that we turn to the next chapter of Advocates for Self Government’s story.

The Advocates for Self-Government is pleased to announce that we have just completed the relocation from Indianapolis and are returning to California at new headquarters in downtown Sacramento.

Effective immediately, the Advocates is working to further expand our reach by refining our existing content and materials to make them even more relevant to and in line with the concerns of citizens today. We are also exploring new educational initiatives and outreach campaigns that will leverage our existing assets.

Specifically, we are pursuing a potentially groundbreaking opportunity to augment the World’s Smallest Political Quiz online platform to engage, convert, and solidify quiz takers’ commitment to libertarian principles. The Quiz Engagement Program (QEP) will give passionate libertarian activists the chance to persuade and move non-libertarians and solidify proto-libertarians upward along the libertarian-authoritarian axis. Through the development of the QEP and performance-driven metrics, we will be able to directly measure the efficacy libertarian messaging over time.

We are planning to relaunch our Quiz in the Classroom outreach initiative to give civics teachers and political science professors around the country the educational tools to teach students about both the “left-right” and “libertarian-authoritarian” political paradigms, letting students know that they just might agree with libertarians the most.

Along these lines, we remain committed to ensuring that the most effective all-in-one libertarian event kit—Operation Politically Homeless—is supplied to libertarian activists across the country.

Finally, we plan to keep you up to date with the libertarian news you can use and other important information by continuing to publish The Liberator Online (TLO). Through your free subscription to TLO, you will have access to unique and practical insights on current issues that matter, without the “fake news” that doesn’t. We will also be sure to keep you up to date on the happenings of The Advocates and the liberty movement more broadly.

To lead these and other programs, the Advocates for Self-Government is pleased to introduce our new president, Michael Sertic. Since his introduction to classical liberalism in 2008, Sertic has devoted his efforts toward promoting human flourishing through the understanding and application of libertarian principles. With the support of the Advocates and others, he founded a Students For Liberty group at his college campus and later served on their national executive board.

Sertic received his bachelor of arts in economics from California State University, Sacramento while a colleague at The Morning Star Company and Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Sacramento County and more recently as president of America’s Future Foundation’s Sacramento chapter.

The Advocates recognizes that our past successes could not have been possible without the excellent stewardship from the members of our Board of Directors. We are sincerely grateful to all of our outgoing directors, Dr. Jim Lark, Diane Bast, Emily Salvette, Doug Klippel, and Mark Rutherford. We wish to especially acknowledge the leadership and service of Dr. Jim Lark, who joined the Advocates’ Board of Directors in 2003 and served as Chairman from 2009 to 2016.

Our continuing Board member and new Chairman, Chris Rufer, has supported Marshall and the Advocates for more than 30 years and desires to significantly increase the influence of the Advocates through new outreach programs and efforts. Chris is dedicated to finding more advocates of self-government to advance human well-being for all people and believes the Advocates is best positioned to bring in new folks to the liberty movement.

We would also like to express our appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and commitment to the principles of Self-Governance of outgoing executive director Brett Bittner. Brett succeeded the marvelous Ms. Sharon Harris over the last three years by modernizing the messaging and outreach efforts of the Advocates.

Without you, our committed supporter, we could not continue to identify, educate and train new libertarians to become future advocates. We are dedicated to providing the tools that best support you in spreading the libertarian word, testing methods and channels for delivering it, and innovating ways to identify and persuade new libertarians. With these advancing efforts comes a larger budget and larger funding requirements. If you can make an additional contribution now, that would be appreciated.

It is our sincere hope and commitment to carry on the torch of liberty that Marshall famously ignited in countless people across the country. We are excited for the future of liberty and the challenges and victories that lie ahead!


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