Biden Bashes Trump for Abuse of Power, Ignores Obama Era

Alice Salles Comments

Current Democratic presidential hopeful and former Vice President Joe Biden attacked President Donald Trump for “engaging in a gigantic abuse of power,” adding that “[i]If there’s anything I can’t stand it’s the abuse of power.”

“And he is abusing it every single day,” he said during a speech at Urbandale, Iowa.

Apparently, good old Joe has forgotten all about the countless instances of abuse he witnessed while serving under President Barack Obama.

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Law professor Garrett Epps, a liberal and a fan of Obama, was one of the many left-leaning academics who admitted that Biden’s former partner in crime “[left] the Constitution weaker than at the beginning of his terms.”

“[E]ven for those like me who admire Barack Obama, the constitutional record is disturbingly mixed,” he explained.

And as explained by Epps himself, Obama ignored the fact only Congress can declare war to intervene in Libya, transforming the Middle-Eastern country in a waste land.

Furthermore, Obama went beyond his predecessors by aggressively persecuting journalists and whistleblowers. And if memory fails Biden, let us remind him that it was the Democratic president’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who lied to Congress about the country’s  surveillance program and how robust it had become under Biden’s old buddy.

Then, there was the blatant political persecution of Obama’s opposition, with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting organizations engaged in politics and that openly criticized the president and his supporters.

Groups that educated citizens on the Constitution, that challenged Obama’s Affordable Care Act, or that simply criticized the president’s policies were targeted from 2010 though 2013, when Lois Lerner, the then-director of the Exempt Organizations Unit, was allowed to retire and face absolutely no consequences for her actions.

But if these examples of abuse of power don’t pass Biden’s smell test, how about Obama’s love of crony capitalism? The Democratic president bailed out companies like Chrysler by building on the Bush Administration’s TARP funds to save a failed and bankrupt auto industry. Was that not an abuse of power?

By openly picking winners, Obama told an entire industry that the law of the land means nothing, and that companies that fail to serve their customers should simply build a close relationship with Washington if they want to stay afloat.

And what about Obama’s harsh targeting of legal weed farmers, retailers, and users? Was that not an abuse of power as the president deliberately ignored state laws to go after law-abiding cannabis businesses?

If anything, Biden has a lot of catching up to do if he was looking the other way during the eight years he spent as Obama’s right-hand man.

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