Monetary Policy

What Is A Self-Governor?

The self-governor, simply put, is one who practices self-government.  The self-governor achieves his goals by trading, voluntarily giving, sharing, persuading, or associating with others. He never harms others to get what he wants.

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What Is a Libertarian?

Libertarians accept the use of force to defend one’s life, liberty, and justly acquired property. Libertarians do not accept the initiation of force or fraud to aggress against the life, liberty, or justly acquired property of others. This is the “nonaggression principle (NAP).”

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Human Respect: It’s Easy If You Try

Imagine being free to pursue happiness, and getting to live your life by your values, not as your neighbors or their politicians dictate. You could choose to invest, spend, or give away your time, talents, and money as you see fit, not as voters and bureaucrats determine.

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The Austrian School of Economics

The Austrian school of economics is a distinct tradition within economic theory that adheres more stringently to value as being subjective and theory as a matter of logic than does mainstream economics.

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