Five Books to Jumpstart Your Knowledge of Libertarianism

Remso Martinez Comments

So, you want to learn more about libertarianism? Check out these books and don’t forget to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto by Matt Kibbe

Written by the organizer behind the Tea Party revolution that took Washington D.C. by storm and armed us with a new generation of pro-liberty leaders in Congress and across the country, Matt Kibbe guides readers through the basics of understanding why politics isn’t a spectator sport.

From discussing the virtues of free markets by Ludwig Von Mises to nefarious actions by statists in both major political parties, this is the perfect primer for anyone whose liberty curious and wants to lift the veil and peek into a world where it’s not cool to hurt people and take their stuff.

Anthem by Ayn Rand

This short novella by Russian writer and philosopher Ayn Rand was dystopian before dystopian novels were cool. Following an outcast in a conformist society where your life is dictated from cradle to grave.

Anthem puts you in the mind of a character who lives in a world where “I” isn’t a word and free will is punishable by death. If you weren’t concerned about our public education system and political correctness before, you will be after this!

Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek

Dedicated to the socialists in all parties who refused to observe the mistakes of our past we many nations began to walk into a darkened future in the ashes of back-to-back world wars, Hayek shows the reader how the desire for collective action leads to the enslavement of freedom itself.

This book exposes the reader to the mindset of those who cry for more regulation and central control, and how their desire for order simply means more chains on the society they imagine they are freeing from the perils of an unjust world.

Free to Choose by Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman took the world of politics and economics by storm simply by stating loud and proud that society thrives when people are left to make their own decisions.

From sweatshops in Hong Kong to unconventional, yet highly effective non-profit schools in the streets of New York, Friedman shows how deregulation, free markets, and individual choice takes people from victimhood to empowerment when government gets out of the way to show that freedom works.

Stay Away From the Libertarians! by Remso W. Martinez

A shameless plug from your neighborhood, political Forest Gump, I take you through a brief history of the modern libertarian movement from 2012 through 2016 and show you how libertarians have changed the way millions view the relationship between themselves and the state.

From discussing why the most popular libertarian stereotypes are mostly bunk to defending Hooters as the restaurant chain that best exemplifies free markets and individual liberty, you’ll learn once and for all why lazy academics, the fake news, and statist politicians in both parties fear libertarians once and for all.

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