“Incitement to Violence”: The New Call for Censorship

TJ Roberts Comments

The corporate press is going to war with any critic of radical left-wing politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. The new move of the radical, state-worshipping, left is to accuse anyone who dares to speak out against them of incitement to violence.

Orwell is rolling in his grave as this newspeak interpretation of criticism is driving for direct calls to state-sanctioned censorship. This has gone as far as the Speaker of the House.

Perhaps the first way to counter Newspeak is to talk about definitions. The definition of incitement, regardless of the propaganda CNN is pumping out, is to directly encourage someone to act. If we are discussing incitement to violence, that means someone is actively encouraging someone to act out in violence. With this understanding, we can see how deliberately dishonest people like Pelosi, O’Rourke, AOC, and Omar truly are.

The Controversy of the So-Called Incitement to Violence

At a conference, Representative Ilhan Omar was discussing 9/11. In the discussion, she said “some people did something,” and then proceeded to discuss how the establishment destroyed our civil liberties. At this point, Milquetoast neocon Congressman Dan Crenshaw took to Twitter to slam Omar for her wording.

As controversial as it may seem, Omar has a point. The September 11th Attacks were a tragedy. Another tragedy the people ignore, however, is the death of our civil liberties. The PATRIOT Act destroyed our right to privacy it is time to take back our liberties. If Omar had ended it there, I would be with her on this issue in every way. She erred, however, when she accused Dan Crenshaw of inciting violence against her.

Criticism is not Violence

If we continue to accept the Left’s branding of all criticism as incitement or harassment, then we will lose all discourse. If Dan Crenshaw said that someone should harm Omar, then incitement would be a reasonable accusation. All he said, though, was that Omar’s remarks were unbelievable. Let us state the obvious: criticism is not violence, and there is no figure in the libertarian or conservative movement who would call for violence against Omar for what she said.

We live in an era of hysteria and mass outrage. It’s an effective strategy. By stirring up the mob, no one cares about the issues. They just want to be angry at something. The corporate press basks in this outrage culture. These lies, however, can lead to real violence.

When one accuses another of violent activity, they are welcoming violence against the accused. Incitement to violence is a serious accusation. The Left is twisting the meaning of incitement as a means to shut down all dissent. That is not how we have a conversation. We must reject these nonsensical accusations and stick to the issues. If the Left’s ideas were valid, wouldn’t they welcome this? Wouldn’t they want to put the issues in the spotlight? Instead of mud-slinging, put the ideas first. Free speech and our ideas depend on it.

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