Julian Assange Told the Truth, So the Government Must Crush Him

TJ Roberts Comments

On April 11, 2019, Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange was arrested. The UK Secret Police entered the Ecuador Embassy in London and arrested Assange for nothing more than telling the truth. Assange gained fame when his Wikileaks publicized US Military secrets that Chelsea Manning leaked. He has been in a political asylum since 2012, but that is over now.

Julian Assange and the Death of Press Freedom

With the arrest of Assange comes the Death of freedom of press and speech at large. As Dr. Ron Paul once said, “truth is treason in an empire of lies.” If you expose the lies of the state, they will smear you. They will brand you as the worst kind of person. Sweden even accused Assange of sexual assault (they later dropped the charge when that smear attempt failed).

Instead of shilling for the power-elite, Assange opted to speak the truth, and loudly for that matter. He’s a brilliant journalist. He could have had a career that would have propelled him to the forefront of shaping public discourse. He just would have had to sell his soul. Instead of doing that, he saw the truth and exposed it, all the while protecting the whistleblowers that helped expose the truth with him.

There is no case to be made against Julian Assange. He is an innocent man who fought for the freedom of all of us. Assange deserves a medal, not a jail cell. Since the state will not honor him, we must. The governments of this world are relying upon mass ignorance in this sting. The public must stand up for the rights of Julian Assange. If he loses his rights, we lose our rights.

You Can Take Assange Down, but You Can’t Take Down the Truth

Wikileaks isn’t going anywhere. The government can imprison Julian Assange. They can put a bag over his head and murder him with no trial. No matter what they do to him, the cat is out of the bag. Julian Assange is a threat to the global elite. The fact they retaliated against him proves that they’re scared.

They’re scared because they understand that Julian Assange is just one person. But he has built a network around exposing the governments of the world for their evil. In fact, Julian Assange’s arrest is continuing this exposure. They are admitting that they are scared of the truth. Now, Wikileaks will not die just because you take out Assange. Assange may become a martyr, but you cannot control the truth. Because of his contributions to the truth, Julian Assange should receive a pardon from Trump and Asylum from the governments of this world. There is no case to be made against him if you believe in truth and freedom of speech.

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