Lemonade Stands: If You Think You’re Free, Think Again

TJ Roberts Comments

As summer approaches, young entrepreneurs are likely to set up lemonade stands to make a little extra money. The police, however, are just as likely to shut down these innocent business projects.

The stories of police shutting down children’s entrepreneurial ventures seem to never end. This is not just an unnecessary obstacle, but an insult to the American Dream and the spirit of freedom.

Shutting Down Lemonade Stands is an Insult to Freedom

As an individual, I have the right to own property. I have a right to start a business so people can voluntarily purchase my products/services, and I don’t need your permission to do so. This also applies to children. Young minds are quite creative so long as no one suppresses it. It only makes sense that children use their creativity to make some spare money.

When the state shuts down a child’s ventures, however, it shows the true cruelty of government. They say you have to teach them while they’re young, so the government teaches children to obey or pay the price. This is not freedom. Rather, this is the rule through fear. It is the government claiming ownership of children.

The Costs of Permits Exterminates Young Entrepreneurs

As the government tears down another child’s dreams, one must wonder what the course of action this child can make is. If they want to continue, they will need a permit that can cost them hundreds of dollars and hours of their time. For small ventures like lemonade stands, the child does not have enough money to buy the permit and would not make enough money to warrant paying for it even if the child could. In other words, the government is teaching your child that business is not worth it.

Shutting Down Entrepreneurship Stunts Progress and Emboldens the Welfare State

As young people see the government crush their side hustles, they develop learned helplessness. They believe that there is no reason to fight for themselves, thus developing a dependency complex.

By shutting down children’s lemonade stands, the government is guaranteeing that some children will lose the entrepreneurial spirit, stunting our growth as a society. But even worse, this guarantees that some children will grow up thinking that the only thing they can do for themselves is asking for help.

By crushing their innocence while they are young, no child will ever ask “what if?” and create something amazing for themselves and for society at large. Lemonade Stands are proof of the entrepreneurial spirit! Celebrate it, don’t crush it.

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