Andy Levy

Andy Levy

Andrew “Andy” Levy (born August 11, 1966) is a commentator and humorist, best known for appearing on the Fox News Channel late night show Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, where he served as the show’s “ombudsman” from its debut on February 5, 2007, until 2013 when he became a regular panelist. He is known for his deadpan delivery and libertarian politics. His personal catch-phrase is “I apologize for nothing”, a mocking reference to Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld’s forced apology to the Canadian military in 2009.

On the show Red Eye, Levy, referred to as “TV’s Andy Levy” or “TV’s Very Own Andy Levy”, ran the “Halftime Report” and “Postgame Wrap-Up” segments. Since early 2009 he also appeared on a brief “Pre-Game” segment at the beginning of the broadcast. Later those segments were dropped and Levy became a regular panelist. Levy also occasionally delivers fake “Fox News Alerts”, such as announcing that the newsroom soda machine was out of Mr. Pibb—and segments such as “Twitter News”, in which he reported on matters of “grave national concern”, such as pop star Taylor Swift receiving free floss from her dentist.  Levy owns two cats, Pixel and Stormy, and his interest in cats is a source of recurring humor on the program, though, less reoccurring now that Greg Gutfeld has left the show. During a segment in January 2013 where a story relating to lactose intolerance was being discussed, Levy came out as lactose-intolerant himself.[6] On occasion, Levy hosted the show when Greg Gutfeld was absent or appeared on the panel as the fictitious screen and stage actor “Victor Roberts.” -Wikipedia

“It’s embarrassing now, but I have to admit that what started my change from a liberal to a libertarian (as a freshman in college) was reading “The Fountainhead.” (And I still think it’s a good book, unlike most of the rest of Ayn Rand’s stuff.) If nothing else, reading Rand got me to seek out other libertarian and libertarianish writers like Murray Rothbard, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman to learn more about it.”

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