No Tucker Carlson, Libertarians Are NOT the Ruling Elite

TJ Roberts Comments

Another gem from Tucker Carlson’s June 5, 2019, tirade in support of National Socialism was his claim that libertarians run the world. As if his economic ignorance didn’t prove his lack of knowledge on the topic, perhaps his claim that libertarians are powerful did. If libertarians ran the world, the world would not be what it is.

The Modern World: A Libertarian Paradise?

I’m sure Carlson had a reason to claim that libertarians run this world. I mean, it should be obvious considering that the establishment is anti-drug war. We know libertarians run the world because taxes are just so low! Tucker is a good anti-war voice.

He should know that libertarians have created a world without war! We have achieved a world in which there is no need for war because we respect non-interventionism.

Kids don’t need a permit to set up a lemonade stand. Eminent domain TOTALLY doesn’t exist. I can buy a machine gun out of a vending machine. The government doesn’t regulate us to death. We put the individual and the community above the state. The Non-Aggression Principle is the law of the land. Best of all, there is no Federal Reserve!

Oh, Wait… Tucker Carlson is So Wrong

While none of the hypotheticals I proposed are true, they all would be if libertarians were in charge. Tucker Carlson, however, believes that libertarians are owned by big banks. This should show automatically that Carlson has a fundamental lack of understanding of libertarianism. He does not know what Austrian Economics is. Ultimately, Tucker Carlson is clueless. If he actually understood what libertarianism was, he would never say something as stupid as the idea that libertarians are somehow the global elite.

Who is this Global Elite Tucker Fears so Deeply?

Don’t lie to yourself, however, there are elites in our world. These elites, however, are far from the libertarians Carlson claims them to be. Right now, we live in a world in which countries are trillions in debt. Taxes compose people’s biggest expense. Gun control is a pandemic. No matter how much Tucker thinks the big banks love libertarians, this is not true.

The Federal Reserve is destroying honest money every second it continues to exist, and libertarians vehemently oppose this. The warfare state goes on, and that is not because libertarians are warmongers. To some libertarians, in fact, war is the cement that holds it all together. If Tucker Carlson knew what he was talking about, he would know that libertarians avidly oppose the statist order in which we currently live.

Ultimately, we do not live in a libertarian capitalist world. When one looks at economic policy – the high taxes, regulations, subsidies, and the welfare state – and social policy – the warfare state, the war on drugs, the breaches of privacy, the forced morality – it all indicates that we actually live closer to Tucker Carlson’s ideal than any libertarian would ever desire.

Instead of blaming the world’s problems on the overwhelmingly powerless libertarians, perhaps Tucker Carlson should look in a mirror and see the suffering his disastrous economic “theory” has caused in this world and in America.

We Need to Do Better

The fact that Carlson actually believes that libertarians run this world teaches us a lesson: we need to be more clear in what we believe.

For libertarians, that means no compromise. We have to be precise in our language so that the world knows that what we seek is freedom. The people need to know that we live in an unfree world and libertarians want to change that.

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