Oklahoma Embraces Constitutional Carry

Jose Nino Comments

On Feb. 28, Oklahoma became the 15th Constitutional Carry state.

After Governor Kevin Stitt signed HB 2597, Oklahoma joined Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Vermont as the states that  recognize the Second Amendment as the only permit an individual needs to carry a firearm.

This bill’s passage did come with obstacles though. It ultimately took two attempts to get Constitutional Carry passed in the Sooner State. Stitt’s predecessor Mary Fallin vetoed Constitutional Carry much to the disappointment of Oklahoma gun owners.

However, all hope wasn’t lost when Constitutional Carry died in 2018. Governor Stitt took it upon himself to make it an integral part of his election campaign. And in 2019, he kept his word by signing Constitutional Carry into law.

Stitt was not alone in his support for Constitutional Carry, however.

Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm has been a reliable advocate for Constitutional Carry in the Oklahoma State Legislature during the past few years.

Dahm revealed his constitutionalist views in an interview with the Tulsa World:

“The core function of government should be protecting fundamental rights.”

The Senator continued:

“It is encouraging to see the Legislature pass bills that restore our rights.”Despite gun control gaining steam in state legislatures across the nation, there are still plenty of opportunities for Second Amendment advocates making a difference. Constitutional Carry happens to be one of them.

The beauty of the U.S. federalist system is in its competition between states. This is where policy innovation thrives. The 20th century witnessed the rise of a gargantuan federal government that has become more controlling and distant to the desires of everyday Americans.

As a result, the government seems to grow non-stop no matter how much supporters of limited government try to limit it. Sometimes, it almost feels like a lost cause trying to get involved at the federal level. However, America’s competitive federalist system serves as a viable fallback for liberty activists.

It cannot be overstated how our important it is to get involved in our states legislatures and municipalities. That’s where freedom lovers can get good policies implemented and build political “farm teams” of sorts when the federal government drags its feet.

All politics begins in someone’s backyard. It would behoove us to not ignore local and state level politics.

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