Peace Isn’t a Partisan Issue

Remso Martinez Comments

I’ve been describing and summarizing libertarianism for years to different people and organizations so that the message of liberty could best be communicated in a way they understand according to their worldview.

If I never had another chance to summarize it again and had to leave the world with one last, universal description, it would have to be this: libertarians advocate for the peaceful existence of non-violent individuals free to interact in a voluntary society.

Sadly, while this is a sentiment perhaps most Americans hold today, our lives seem to be dictated more by partisan balkanization and less by the principles we really hold dear.

Perhaps this is why libertarianism is considered so radical according to media pundits, progressive academics, and statist politicians, because libertarians don’t want to tell you how to live your life, as long as you respect the right of others to live their lives according to the direction of their own conscience.

Whereas the main political parties seem to change their stances and ideologies constantly in order to chase votes, libertarians aren’t bound to any one specific political party since their stances are bound to the principles of peace.

Peace is the ultimate direction most men and women in today’s world wish to follow. Peace allows you to live, speak, trade, love, and believe what and how you will without fear of violence or unjust persecution.

While for many peace may seem like a childhood sentiment that isn’t a viable solution for the way the real world works, peace is ultimately the only principle worth staking everything on.

As we prepare for another presidential year, ask yourself just some basic questions- which candidate not only wishes for peace but advocates for non-violent policies? Which candidate isn’t willing to harm people or deprive them of liberty in order to achieve their goals?

Which candidate sees people as individuals and not just separate voter demographics? These aren’t easy questions with obvious answers, and sometimes they can lead you down to more questions than you might have anticipated.

Peace isn’t partisan, it is color blind, and often people in positions of power will speak of it without either understanding what it means or for the sake of false platitudes.

Peace can be an unpopular option because in a world of greed and power politics, we have to look beyond our need for control and into our hearts to know that ultimately peace is the only solution ever worth advocating for.

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