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The Liberator Online is for anyone interested in liberty — whether you are a long-time libertarian or just took the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and want to find out more.

Each issue brings you:
  • Communication tips and techniques from leading libertarian communications experts including Sharon Harris, Michael Cloud and Dr. Mary Ruwart. Learn the best ways to communicate the ideas of liberty!
  • Resources from across the liberty movement that apply libertarian insights to current events. Entertaining and enlightening political commentary.
  • The first place for updates on the programs and resources from the Advocates for Self-Government.
  • An ongoing introduction to, and exploration of, the ideas of liberty. Persuasive answers to the tough questions often asked about libertarianism.
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See why The Liberator Online is one of the most popular libertarian publications in the world.

What Readers Say About The Liberator Online


The Liberator Online has introduced countless people to successful persuasion techniques from acclaimed libertarian communicators.

Jon Trager, LP News, October 2001


I have read a lot in The Liberator Online that has helped tremendously in my ability to explain libertarian philosophy.

Tim Weaver, Glendale, Arizona


I have never been so impressed, motivated, filled with energy, and longing to learn more … as in what I discovered with the Liberator Online newsletter. From the political Quiz to the free books, I have had a great time – and encourage you strongly to keep up the good work.

Mark Netscher


I find your publication thought-provoking and have used themes in your articles as springboards to discussions in support groups and classes where I teach.

Charlotte Handricks


The Advocates’ biweekly online newsletter is a winner!



Of interest to anyone interested in the ideas of freedom.

The Free Dictionary


The Liberator Online is easily the most-anticipated and most-enjoyed of all my subscriptions. In my opinion, you are cheating yourself if you don’t get this newsletter.

Lance Brown, CEO of PeoplesForum.com


I appreciate every issue of The Liberator Online that I receive. No matter the subject of the day, I always find something in The Liberator that rings exactly true to my own personal philosophy, and even more things that make me think, or that challenge a pre-conceived notion I didn’t even know I harbored.

Jameson Whitehill, Bennington, Vermont


The Liberator Online does a great service to this country. Hang in there, and keep up the good work.

Ted Miller, Gorham, New Hampshire


I thoroughly enjoy reading it.

S.C., South Africa


Very informative and thought-provoking.

T.K., California


Enjoy hell out of the Liberator Online; keep up the fantastic work!

Lew Bryson


Today’s Liberator Online was truly inspirational, I’ve still got goosebumps.

Craig Johnson


Just read my first issue , and am pleased with it. Keep ‘em coming. I’ve been looking for this type of publication for a long time, but with little success ‘till now. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

Tom Dominick


I’ve been reading The Liberator Online for quite some time now – you and the whole team do a great job!

Richard Boltuck


Keep up the great work exposing young people to the importance of learning about libertarianism… Their future depends on it.

Harry Thompson, Tucson, Arizona


Very inspirational… Thank you for a great newsletter.

I.O., Canada


Priceless information! Thank you!



Thank you for the very thoughtful Liberator Online… I am very impressed, and welcome the wealth of information you have provided.

Joe Dabulskis


I believe this is one of the most informative e-zines I receive. Keep up the good work.

Mike Hobbs


I just love it… I’m glad to have found a political home.

P.M., Kentucky


I am impressed… I’m always looking for more libertarian information to share with friends and co-workers. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

C.B., Louisiana


Please keep this vital newsletter coming. Our liberties are being assailed from all sides, and your efforts at informing people of the situation before us are truly appreciated by all who cherish their freedoms. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Michael N. Rudoff

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