Rand Paul Tears Socialism Apart Piece by Piece

Jose Nino Comments

Socialism seems to be all the rage these days with candidates like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders positioning themselves as democratic socialists.

Notice the qualifier “democratic.”

This is no coincidence. It’s part of a genuine attempt to rebrand a failed system that has wreaked havoc across the globe. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is one of the few politicians who actually gets it. In his book, The Case Against Socialism, the U.S. Senator provides a thorough dissection of socialism and its many permutations. 

What makes the book stand out is how Paul goes into great detail exposing socialist and interventionist experiments across the globe. There are no soundbites or generic talking points throughout this book. It’s pure facts and well-researched case studies demonstrating socialism’s many flaws. Furthermore, Paul does a great job of incorporating stories of individuals who have had to live through the trials and tribulations of socialist systems, thus giving the book a more humanizing aspect. 

The Case Against Socialism does a fantastic job of decimating socialism from both a moral and practical standpoint. This is crucial in a time when younger generations are starting to flirt with more interventionist forms of economics. After all, we are currently witnessing my native country of Venezuela collapse in real-time due to socialist policies. Now, more than ever, people must be willing to stand up and point out the failures of these systems.

Paul has answered this call resoundingly.

What sets this book apart is Paul’s desire to find common ground with individuals who believe in socialist ideas. Indeed, there are areas where believers in limited government can work with others on the Left. Paul cites examples like criminal justice reform and never-ending wars. These two programs represent coercive aspects of government which centralize the power of the state. Collaborative efforts on these issues can serve as an entry point for free-marketers to sway those on the Left by pointing out how state intervention is connected to a whole host of policies that hurt Americans.

Paul’s willingness to work across the aisle demonstrates his level of political maturity. You won’t find many Senators who will write an in-depth analysis of socialism, let alone make the case for finding common ground with progressives on certain issues that actually get the state of our lives. 

In sum, The Case Against Socialism provides a no-nonsense perspective to socialism’s many pitfalls. It is a must-read for anyone who believes in free markets. Most importantly, its author walks the walk as evidenced by his voting record which is as pro-capitalist as it gets in Congress.

You won’t find any incumbent politician write a book like this anytime soon. 

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