Sanctuary Cities for All!

TJ Roberts Comments

A new controversy is that President Trump has endorsed the idea to move undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities. If an undocumented individual moves there, they will no longer have to fear deportation. They will also be in a city where they are welcome. The problem with this, however, is that it would be forced relocation.

Regardless of the merit of this proposal, however, one must consider the merit of sanctuary cities in general. This article will demonstrate that sanctuary cities for immigrants is not only a good idea, but it is a great idea for all issues.

Sanctuary Cities for All Policies!

The United States Federal Government is much too large to be governed. Uniformity can only work for so many people. With this in mind, we need a radical step toward decentralization. While the federal government continues to dominate the people, it is time to fight back.

First and foremost, it is the duty of the states and local governments to nullify unjust laws. For example, there is a federal ban on the possession and use of marijuana. In spite of this, 10 states and DC have legalized/decriminalized recreational marijuana. 33 states and DC have legalized medical marijuana. This is an act of nullification. All of these areas are sanctuary states.

Moving beyond that, what about guns? Should a state be able to nullify the NFA and allow the sale of machine guns to their citizens? Absolutely. Should a state be able to nullify the IRS and refuse to enforce the Income Tax? Yes. Cities, of course, also have this right. Government, if it must exist, ought to exist as locally as possible. By localizing, politicians fear their constituents more. Local governments are far more accountable than federal governments.

Better, Not Perfect

Sanctuary Cities create a way out for people who are not satisfied by the federal government. It creates true diversity in governance. Conservatives can have their conservative cities. Leftists can have their communes. One common objection, however, is that there will be conservatives in blue cities and liberals in red cities that have to live under this.

This is true, but this problem exists in the status quo. I am not pretending to have the solution to all of the world’s problems, here. What I am saying, however, is that in terms of government, smaller is better.

Sanctuary Cities have a very real capacity to restore local sovereignty. In addition, they allow for an expansion of liberty. Of course, no federal funds will go to these sanctuary cities.

But who needs the feds?

The feds, after all, are the ones perpetuating the tyrannical laws that the people of these cities are resisting. In other words, local sovereignty, not the central empire, is the answer for freedom in our time.

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