Spider-Man: Far From Home is a Warning to Beware False Flags

TJ Roberts Comments

Spoilers Ahead! Spider-Man: Far From Home has hit theaters, and it is a brilliant film with a mysterious lesson! As Peter Parker takes the mantle as the next Iron Man, he finds Mysterio, a potential ally in the fight. Mysterio, it turns out, is a shunned Stark employee who is looking to have all the power. Quentin Beck (Mysterio) uses Illusion Tech to commit false flag attacks using “the Elementals.” As the destruction ensues, Mysterio defeats the Elementals. While the damage is real, the attacker and the defenders are one and the same: weaponized drones that create visual effects that appear to be real.

Through these demonstrations, Mysterio gains fame and the trust of Nick Fury. Mysterio appears to be the hero, but he created the crisis. Spider-Man, nevertheless, eventually catches on and defeats Beck. This story, despite being a fictional movie, does have a very real lesson for us to consider.

Spider-Man: Far From Home: Beware False Flags

A false flag is a covert operation in which the responsible party for a particular action attempts to disguise the blame. To call something a false flag is not to claim that the attack never happened. What Mysterio did in Spider-Man: Far From Home is a perfect example of it. All of the “Elemental” attacks led to real damage and/or loss of life. The Elementals, however, were fake. They were Illusions that Mysterio created. He was responsible for the attacks all along.

The power-hungry will engage in false flags as a means to gain public support. It is after a tragedy that the masses will urgently surrender their freedom. Despite their denial, and people on the ground disagreeing with the official narrative, Neocon allies like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo blamed Iran on the attack of a Japanese tanker. This led to the US increasing their engagement against the nation, putting us one step closer to John Bolton’s dream: war. Iran had no incentive to attack the ships, especially since the Japanese prime minister was meeting with Rouhani at the time. The US was simply trying to start another war, and truth would be this war’s first casualty.

This is not the Only False Flag Attack

As disturbing as it may be to believe the US exploited this attack to appease the Military Industrial Complex, governments have a long history of doing this. The Lavon Affair, for example, was a 1954 plan in which Israeli agents would bomb multiple American and British civilian locations as a means to keep the British in Egypt. Israel was caught in the act.

The US is not innocent either. Operation Northwoods was a US plan for the CIA to commit terrorist acts against US civilians and blame it on Cuba. This would inevitably lead to war against Cuba. President John F. Kennedy rejected the plan and it was sealed shut as a classified document. In 1997, Operation Northwoods was declassified along with several other documents pertaining to the assassination of JFK, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence that the president who rejected a false flag attack was assassinated.

What matters here is that the people must be skeptical of the official story. I have listed a few examples of false flag attacks that we know of for sure. But I’m sure you can think of a few others. If we know about these, imagine how bad it truly is. Do not listen to the siren song of the warmongers because they are liars. Ask yourself: “how will they benefit if I believe them?” Governments thrive in war. The next time “Iran” acts up, be a bit more skeptical, lest the government and Mysterio become one.


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