Staff - The Advocates for Self-Government


Michael Sertic, President

Michael Sertic is the President of the Advocates for Self-Government. Since his introduction to classical liberalism in 2008, Sertic has devoted his efforts toward promoting human flourishing through the understanding and application of libertarian principles. With the support of the Advocates and others, he founded a Students For Liberty group at his college campus and later served on their national executive board. Sertic received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from California State University, Sacramento while a colleague at The Morning Star Company and Foundation for Harmony and Prosperity. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Sacramento County and more recently as president of America’s Future Foundation’s Sacramento chapter.

Chloe Anagnos, Media Director

Chloe Anagnos is a professional writer, digital strategist, and marketer. Her work has been the subject of articles on the FOX NewsUSA TodayCNN Money, and WIREDwebsites. Anagnos’ research has been published by America’s Future Foundation, the American Institute for Economic Research, the Tax Revolution Institute, and The Epoch Times. In 2016, she was named as one of Indianapolis’ most promising up and coming young talent in Vol. 9 of Pattern Magazine. Her great interest in economics, markets, and politics comes from the constant media attention centered around her hometown of Elkhart, Indiana, during the peak of the Great Recession. She earned two BAs from Ball State University in journalism and telecommunications.