The Quiz in the Classroom

The Quiz in the Classroom

Join educators everywhere who are using the World’s Smallest Political Quiz in their classrooms!

Increasing numbers of high school and college students are being taught that politics is more than a simplistic Left-Right line. The World’s Smallest Political Quiz pioneered in bringing this insight to America’s classrooms.

Quiz in books
The quiz is featured in each of these textbooks

This makes the Quiz a great classroom tool. We are happy to supply Quiz cards without charge upon request to all interested teachers and educators. Email us and we’ll send you samples or a full supply for all your students.Teachers love the Quiz because it instantly gives students an accurate picture of the American political spectrum – and immediately stimulates great classroom discussions on politics and today’s major political issues.

The Quiz has been featured in the supplemental material of some of America’s best-selling college and high school textbooks – including textbooks by prominent publishing companies McGraw-Hill, Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin and more.

These textbooks reach thousands of classrooms across America. We’ve also documented hundreds of colleges, universities, high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and preparatory academies in the United States and around the world that have incorporated the World’s Smallest Political Quiz into their classrooms.

In more than three-quarters of the schools we surveyed, the Quiz is used in political science or American government classes, while the remaining schools utilized the Quiz to teach everything from computer science to sociology.

If you are an educator using the Quiz, please let us know of your experiences using the Quiz in your classroom.

What Educators are saying about the World’s Smallest Political Quiz


I absolutely love your political quiz. I use it to help students understand their own political stances and the political climate of the United States. I have found the quiz to be amazingly accurate and an invaluable tool for my political philosophy courses.

Joel W. Cade (Philosophy Instructor, Loyola University, Chicago)


While there are many sites on the Web that profess to tell you your political views, this one actually does a fairly good job and, as claimed, it is incredibly short! This is a fun way to get more information on the different political ideologies…

W. Phillips Shively (Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota)


You should definitely take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to find out where you fall on the political spectrum – you might be surprised!

James W. Moore (Professor of Music, Campbellsville University, Kentucky)


This instantly-evaluated questionnaire diagnoses your political position, but instead of using the usual one-dimensional system (along a left-right continuum) to classify political positions, it uses a two-dimensional one.

Lester H. Hunt (Professor of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin, Madison)


I have been using the Quiz in my American Government class for about five years. Students usually find it to be an eye-opener.

Sean D. Foreman, Ph.D. (Professor, Union Institute & University, North Miami, Florida)


Answer 10 questions and find out where you are on the spectrum.

Betsy Newmark (AP Government and Politics Teacher, Raleigh Charter High School, North Carolina)


Want to know where you stand on the political spectrum? Take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

Susan Shivers (U.S. Government Teacher, Madison Central High School, Mississippi)


Although this quiz is provided by a Libertarian organization, it does not lead you to answer in any particular way.

Cynthia Carter (History and Political Science Professor, Florida Community College, Jacksonville)


My students and I had a lot of fun this week trying to determine where we stood on the political spectrum by taking this Political Quiz.

Dr. Samuel B. Fee (Professor, Information Technology & Society, Washington & Jefferson College, Pennsylvania)


I teach government…and routinely bookmark your website as a quick way for students to gauge where they fit in along the political continuum. I like it because it’s fast, amazingly accurate, and gives an overview of the different philosophies.

Robert Creasey (Government Instructor, Western Iowa Tech Community College, Sioux City, Iowa)


The World’s Smallest Political Quiz can help you find your political identity.

Michael G. Roskin, Political Science: An Introduction, Seventh Edition (Prentice-Hall, Inc.)


Offers a new perspective on political ideology.

Georgetown College Department of Political Science (Georgetown, Kentucky)


With just a few questions, this site helps you find out your political identity and puts you on a scale with others of similar political persuasions.

Dr. Pat Jones (Political Science Department, Northland Pioneer College, Show Low, Arizona)


The World’s Smallest Political Quiz [can be used] in Political Science classes to develop an understanding of one’s political philosophy and how it compares to the political philosophy of others.

California State University Social Sciences Research & Instructional Council


[The] world’s smartest political quiz.

Woodbury Junior High School Social Studies Department (Woodbury, Minnesota)


Short and fun.

Bryan Brophy-Baermann (Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point)


A useful way of re-thinking the political spectrum.

Learn NC / Election 2004


An alternative approach to categorizing ideology. Try it – it’s fun!

Joel D. Bloom (Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oregon, Eugene)


[The] World’s Smallest Political Quiz…is the original Internet political quiz. Take the quiz now and find out where you fit on the political map.

Campus Magazine Online, 2005


Do you want to find your political identity? Here is your chance to discover if you are an arch conservative or a burning liberal or anything in between!

Sinan Toprak (Instructor, Political Science, Kirtland Community College, Roscommon, Michigan)


Left and right aren’t the whole story in political belief: take this short quiz to see where you stand on a 2-D plot of beliefs.

Instructional Technology Group, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College (Lynchburg, Virginia)


Try the World’s Smallest Political Quiz… [It] will help you determine your philosophy.

John M. Haworth (Professor of Psychology, Florida Community College at Jacksonville)


Are you a libertarian, authoritarian, centrist… what? Take the Quiz!”

Philip A. Pecorino, Ph.D. (Professor of Philosophy, Queensborough Community College, CUNY)


Don’t let the shortness of the quiz fool you into thinking that it can’t provide an accurate impression of your political perspective. A lot of research and thinking went into narrowing the scope down to a set of key questions that would accurately predict a person’s perspective on the relationship between government and society.

Amy Goodloe (Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric, University of Colorado, Boulder)


In my opinion, [the World's Smallest Political Quiz is] the best formative indicator for one’s political persuasions.

Michael Pristash (Social Studies Teacher, St. Anthony High School, St. Anthony, Minnesota)


The Advocates for Self-Government have designed the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to help you figure out your position. Just answer the questions, hit the Submit button, and receive an analysis of your political ideologies based on your total score.

Jon Harrison, RED TAPE (Michigan State University Libraries)


Start with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz … to understand how your beliefs and ideas fit with the philosophies of [America's] political parties.

Leigh Jonaitis (Assistant Professor, English Department, Bergen Community College, Paramus, New Jersey)


An interesting quiz to help identify your ideology.

Dale W. Wimberley, Ph.D. (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)


The World’s Smallest Political Quiz…is a good way to introduce your students to the political map.

Spartacus Educational website, Education on the Internet, March 17, 2004


I use your political quiz every year with my students. It works so well! Thanks for keeping this quiz going, it’s so simple and accurate!

Steve Sanocki (Teacher, Muskegon Catholic Central High School, Michigan)

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