Tucker Carlson: Enemy of Capitalism and Freedom

Published in Business and Economy .

Tucker Carlson and Bernie Sanders became one on June 5, 2019, as the Fox News host trashed capitalism as unethical. In his tirade, Carlson opted to rant about protecting the “American worker,” and how the federal government should buy American goods.

These ideas come from Elizabeth Warren in a plan she calls “Economic Patriotism.” Carlson, of course, chose to attack libertarians, claiming that they run the economy. If libertarians ran the economy, this world would be a VERY different place.

Tucker Carlson: Ignorance Meets Arrogance

Carlson exposed his ignorance when he claimed that libertarians are “controlled by the banks.” I guess Carlson has never read Ron Paul’s End the Fed. Perhaps he should look into Murray Rothbard’s What Has the Government Done to Our Money? Carlson’s ignorance continues when he talks about how Republican policymakers care about Austrian Economics.

I’m assuming Carlson hasn’t read Human Action. I assume this charitably. The only other explanation would be that Carlson lacks the reading comprehension to read Human Action (or any economics book, for that matter).

While Carlson chooses to call for socialism as though that is freedom, perhaps he should consider educating himself. If he truly supported putting America First, he would oppose the tariffs he shilled for in this broadcast. What is a better way to ensure prosperity for the average American than to lower the cost of living? But instead of this, Carlson calls for an increase on taxes for American consumers. This is not protecting the American worker. Tucker talks about his skepticism of corporations, but then promotes Elizabeth Warren’s plan to subsidize American business.

Nationalist Social Control, Socialist Economic Control

In his opening monologue, Tucker Carlson makes the claim that the average American voter wants an economic nationalist. By this, he means that he wants someone to subsidize American business and provide social welfare for the people. In essence, Tucker Carlson is an unapologetic socialist. Perhaps if he wants to mock those who defend free trade, perhaps he should join Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren if he admires their disastrous economic policies so much.

But he can’t do that because Carlson wants someone who is a social traditionalist. He wants someone to continue the failed drug war according to his broadcast. Carlson, in other words, wants to force his culture on everyone else. Perhaps he should see that one of the benefits of Western Civilization is that people get to choose their own values. Western Civilization empowers the individual and the community, not the State. Carlson is not just a socialist, but also a nationalist.

Tucker Carlson Should At Least Be Honest

Tucker Carlson would not call his political philosophy what it truly is for obvious reasons. He beats around the bush as he calls for socialist economic policy mixed with nationalist social policy. He will not give a name to this code. This grand idea he has is not new. Rather, it is national socialism. It is a rejection of any economic theory. It is faith in the super-state; and it puts the state above all else. National Socialists, of course, are dedicated, central planners. It is the rejection of private property rights, which has lifted more people out of poverty than any government program ever could.

In other words, what Tucker Carlson calls for is nothing short of pure unadulterated fascism no matter what label he puts on it. This becomes clear when all that matters to him is empowering America.

By America, of course, Carlson means the American government and the heavily subsidized businesses he claims to despise. If Tucker Carlson truly cared about America, he would embrace capitalism, as any true opponent of fascism and tyranny would.

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