Why The Advocates?

Why The Advocates?

Reaching Millions with the Ideas of Self-Government

The Advocates for Self-Government is a non-profit educational organization that empowers individuals and organizations to become highly successful and effective communicators of the ideas of self-government.

Since 1985, the Advocates for Self-Government has been one of the most effective and respected organizations in the liberty movement. Through our many acclaimed tools, programs and publications, we reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world every year. In doing so we build and strengthen the libertarian movement, and we support essential and effective grassroots activism – the kind that must be done if the ideas of self-government are to be sustained and used to continue advancing civil society.

Unique role, vision and strategy

The Advocate’s role is unique. Libertarians in many different organizations use our products, programs and training to make their own outreach and educational efforts far more effective. Individual activists rely on the Advocates to enable them to successfully take the ideas of liberty to their families, friends and communities.

Our vision is to enormously increase the effectiveness of self-government – to help build a powerful and ever-larger movement for individual freedom, self-responsibility, free markets, and peace. We seek to paint libertarianism in a positive light and legitimize it as a valuable and unique political concept.

Everything we do fits into our three-step strategy designed to make that vision a reality.

  1. STEP 1: We discover libertarian-leaning folks – through our own activities and by encouraging activists to use Advocates’ tools.
  2. STEP 2: We furnish these new prospects with the information they need to understand and embrace libertarianism.
  3. STEP 3: We provide these new libertarians with the tools and encouragement they need to become effective advocates for liberty. This allows them, in turn, to find more libertarian-leaning folks – keeping the cycle of progress moving forward.


Here are just a few of our programs. The numbers, and the enthusiastic response of libertarian leaders and activists to these programs, indicates their success. Your support of the Advocates equips us to continue and expand this vital work.

  • Publicizing and distributing our renowned World’s Smallest Political Quiz: The Quiz is the single most popular libertarian outreach tool. Millions of people have encountered it in newspapers and magazines, on television, in classrooms and supplemental material for a dozen of America’s most popular textbooks, on talk radio, and at literally thousands of websites. Praised by the Washington Post, USA Today, and many others, The Quiz has been taken over 23 million times, and more than 9 million printed copies of The Quiz have been distributed. It is taken thousands of times per day. With The Quiz, we’ve made remarkable progress in changing how Americans view politics – from the outdated Left-Right “map” to a more accurate model that includes libertarians and authoritarians. For millions who share libertarian values – but couldn’t put a name on their beliefs – The Quiz has been a revelation.
  • Operation Politically Homeless (OPH): This “outreach-in-a-box” kit has been used by thousands of libertarian activists to reach millions of people. It transforms an ordinary dull outreach table into a crowd-drawing, fun, and successful event.
  • A library of learning material: Our catalog of videos, audios and books – many of which are Advocates exclusives – offers a wealth of vital information about libertarianism. Among them: David Bergland’s Libertarianism In One Lesson, frequently hailed as the best short introduction to libertarianism ever written, and two unique libertarian communication books.
Moriah Costa Arizona State University
Arizona State University Students for Liberty – Operation Politically Homeless Kit

Opportunities and challenges

Unfortunately, the use of force to achieve personal values is growing at a rapidly increasing rate. Americans are seeing many of their liberties taken away and their incomes and savings threatened by the increasing cost of government. Fortunately, many people are waking up to this. They’re angry, they’re frustrated, and they’re looking for a new political home. This provides us with a window of opportunity to reach many more people with the ideas of liberty.

Our challenge is to keep these programs current; to constantly improve them and to find new ways to strengthen our proven three-step strategy; to publicize our tools and programs to today’s fast-growing movement for human respect; and to use the explosion in new communication technologies to reach new audiences.

Investment worthiness

If you believe that we need a stronger, more successful liberty movement; that the liberty movement is enormously enhanced by thousands of effective communicators; that it is important to encourage and reward vital grassroots activism for liberty; that it is important to reach the general public with the ideas of liberty in the most persuasive and positive manner possible, to legitimize the ideas of liberty in the public square… then please join us by investing in the Advocates for Self-Government.

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Advocates for Self-Government will strengthen our efforts and broaden our impact as we, together, build a successful grassroots movement for liberty in America and around the world.

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